Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea

Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea: Rainy day bags

Are you at your wits end with finding new indoor recess ideas for activities or games that are free, easy and able to be played again and again? Solve the problem with RAINY DAY BAGS! What is a Rainy Day Bag? A rainy day bag is simple. It is a bag full of toys that […]

The Best Teacher Planner

The best teacher planner

Are you looking for the best teacher planner that is custom, easily editable, and works for daily, weekly, or monthly plans? The Happy Planner Teacher Planner is the PERFECT classroom planner. It is editable so you can print and add your own pages, it works from an arc ring system, so you can move around […]

How to Make Sizeable Classroom Growth with BOOM Cards

Boom Learning for the elementary digital classroom.

Last school year I began a journey at a new school that was One-to-One iPad learning. This meant I was limited to just 100 copies a month. When I first heard this staggering number I absolutely panicked! That is ONE copy per student, per week! It ended up not being so bad. One of my […]

Setting Clear Expectations in an Unknown Digital World

Clear expectations for a digital classroom

2020 has been a mess. 2020 is still a mess. 2020 will continue to be a mess. BUT your classroom does NOT have to be a mess. Clear expectations are going to be ESSENTIAL in the classroom this year and in years to come. Here are some tips to start the year off right. BE […]

A Day in the Life of a Teacher Author

I sent out a question a few weeks back on what you guys would like to read more about, and got many questions from people wanting a blog post on HOW to manage doing all the things. By no means have I got this down perfectly, and my schedule may sound pretty crazy to you… […]

Scholastic Books Sparks Students Love of Reading

Is your teacher mailbox JAM PACKED every few weeks with Scholastic book order forms? Do you toss them right into the recycling without looking at them? This is what I see many teachers do and it makes me CRINGE! Scholastic book orders are SO important for SO many reasons! Building Home Libraries In a world […]