The best teacher planner

Are you looking for the best teacher planner that is custom, easily editable, and works for daily, weekly, or monthly plans? The Happy Planner Teacher Planner is the PERFECT classroom planner.

It is editable so you can print and add your own pages, it works from an arc ring system, so you can move around the pages provided to customize what you actually want/need, and it is less than half the cost of the Erin Condren planner.

What’s Included?

The Happy Planner Teacher Planner either comes in a kit or just as a planner.

The first thing I do is go through the pages and decide what I want/don’t want. I love that I can add pages that I want, such as rosters, more checklists that I print names on, annual scope and sequences and printed lesson plans. It includes an annual at a glance page, as well as monthly and weekly views.

The teacher planner includes additional checklists and other teacher essentials.

the best teacher planner | happy planner tips for teachers

The Arc Ring System

The reason that The Happy Planner is the BEST teacher planner is hands down the arc ring system.

Similar to a hole punch, but with 11 slots, you will punch your paper. Then, you can EASILY move a page from one part of your planner to another, or remove it altogether.

I LOVE this, because as we know, plans are constantly changing and needing to be rearranged.

This planner allows for that and also allows you to add ANY PAGE to it!

It is also great for teacher checklists so that you can archive your grade book at the end of each term and start fresh without lugging around the extra pages.

the best teacher planner | happy planner tips for teachers

What You Need to Get Started

You don’t need many things, but there are some items that will make your Happy Planner experience the best.

There are also fun accessories that can personalize your planner and make it more fun.

Plan Your Year

Let’s plan your year together. Grab the FREE second grade year at a glance above and click below for tips on getting things started for:

Final Thoughts

Have you tried using the Happy Planner system before? What do you think is the best teacher planner? Drop it in the comments below!

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