Easy Teacher Meal Prep Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss

Do you struggle finding time to teach, take care of yourself, take care of your family, and make lunches that are filling and delicious throughout the week? This used to be me. I tried leftovers, I tried frozen meals, I tried grab-and-go options, I even tried Ramen… and it was always last minute, not enough […]

An Open Letter to the First Year Teacher

Dear First Year Teachers, I am so happy YOU stumbled upon my blogpost and hope you stick with me throughout the post because I think that this message is very important for you to hear. With Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook absolutely exploding right now with perfect classrooms that have every flexible seating option and beautiful […]

The BEST Target Dollar Spot Finds for Your Budget

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC summer. If you are anything like me, you spent all of June telling yourself summer would last forever, and all of July eyeing everything at the Target Dollar Spot, wondering just HOW much money is too much money to spend there… Well, my classroom is receiving […]


HP Instant Ink – Subscription Printing Service Are you a teacher, wanting your classroom to be bright and beautiful like all the ones that you have seen on Pinterest and Instagram!? Wondering how all of the other teachers do it, when you don’t have access to a color printer at school and you cannot afford […]

How to Use Crowdfunding to Get Your DREAM Classroom

Classroom Campaigns A Teacher’s Guide to Crowdfunding “I’M BROKE!! But I really want my class to have ______.” Does this sound like you? Have you spent endless amounts on your classroom this year, but really want to try something with your kiddos that is just out of your price range? Looking to implement something new […]

Free Classroom Incentives Guaranteed to Double Student Buy In

Reward Your Class Without Spending a Penny! Having a prize box can be EXPENSIVE! Plus it is hard to keep up with, and to keep fully stocked. Here are some of my favorite rewards that are totally free and very easy to implement. These can be used daily, once a week, or even once a […]