How to Make Sizeable Classroom Growth with BOOM Cards


Last school year I began a journey at a new school that was One-to-One iPad learning. This meant I was limited to just 100 copies a month. When I first heard this staggering number I absolutely panicked! That is ONE copy per student, per week! It ended up not being so bad.

Why every teacher should use BOOM learning in their elementary school digital classroom.

One of my FAVORITE tools to use in the classroom were BOOM learning decks. There are four great reasons I loved to use them.

Did you know that they are:

  1. Self Grading
    BOOM decks IMMEDIATELY provide feedback to students by letting them know IN THE MOMENT if their answers are correct or incorrect. It also gives you an option as the teacher to see who missed what on the first try.
  2. Interactive
    More exciting than an average multiple choice test, BOOM Decks are typically colorful, fun and engaging for little ones. It also provides them ample opportunities to answer questions and practice content in different ways.
  3. Paperless
    I saved the best for last.. well just kidding, I love that they are self-checking and interactive. But you don’t have to worry about ANY copies with BOOM cards. Simply assign and go! Student results populate as soon as they get started. Another option is to play with a Fast Pin, and while it is not graded, students just click and play over and over.
  4. Ever Changing
    Students can do the same decks over and over because they will never get the same set twice. This also means that if you have two students sitting next to each other, they will not get the same questions at the same time. This is great for classrooms that have difficulties keeping students apart.

I also LOVE what great test prep these are. While we don’t want to teach a test, testing in elementary school is a reality that is NOT going away.

Boom learning cards are essential for every elementary school teacher in a digital classroom.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with BOOM Learning by clicking here and signing up today!

Favorite Boom Decks:

If you teach second grade, you can snag some of my favorite BOOM decks below:

Place Value Decks:

Addition and Subtraction to 1000 Decks:

You can purchase BOOM decks on both Teachers Pay Teachers and directly on the BOOM Learning site.

Drop any questions you have in the comment section below. Happy teaching!

Emily - The Mountain Teacher

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