Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea

Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea : Rainy Day Bags

Are you at your wits end with finding new indoor recess ideas for activities or games that are free, easy and able to be played again and again?

Solve the problem with RAINY DAY BAGS!

Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea | rainy day bags name tags and parent letter

What is a Rainy Day Bag?

A rainy day bag is simple.

It is a bag full of toys that students can play with during indoor recess on rainy, snowy or stormy days.

Students will bring their bag home, fill it with toys, store it at school and pull it out on a rainy day.

This FREE activity is a life saver for teachers.

What Teachers Need:

  • Gallon Size Ziplock Bags
  • Parent Letter and Student Labels
  • Sterelite Container to Store Bags
Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea | rainy day bag ideas

How to Use Rainy Day Bags:

Setting up rainy day bags is EASY.

Send home the parent letter explaining what they are and what to put inside.

Encourage parents to put in fun, cheap toys for students.

Be sure to also follow your school guidelines for what is and is not allowed at school.

After students bring their bags in, store them in your favorite Sterilite container.

Whip them out on a rainy day.

That’s it! This easy hack is a LIFESAVER for teachers and students!

Ideas for Rainy Day Bags:

  • Puzzles
  • Mini Board Games
  • Coloring Books
  • Sticker Books
  • Activity Books
  • Small Toys
  • Blocks
  • Building Materials
  • Cards

Some things that might NOT work:

  • Play Doh (dries up)
  • Trading Cards
  • Electronics
  • Stickers (make a mess)
  • Favorite Toys (students might miss these items)

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully this indoor recess idea is as revolutionary for your classroom as it was for mine!

Let me know what questions you have about rainy day bags in the comments.

Happy teaching!

Emily - The Mountain Teacher

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