Gingerbread Math Workshop: The Most Wonderful Project of the Year

Gingerbread Math Project Are you looking for a way to set the stage and engage your learners in math during the fun month of December? (or during any month you happen to be teaching fairy tales – this is NOT Christmas specific). Look no further, the gingerbread math workshop project is here! Students will take […]

Energize Students with this All Time Favorite Gingerbread Unit

Gingerbread Literacy Unit Whether it is December and you are looking for a non-holiday specific unit, or you are in a slump looking to spruce up your fairy tale unit, you have landed in the right spot…. the GINGERBREAD LITERACY UNIT! Students will LOVE it and teachers love the ease of planning that accompanies it. […]

The Lively Geography Project Elementary Students are SURE to Love

Welcome to Landform Island! Do you teach landforms to your second or third grade students? It can be a dry subject to teach, but you can also spruce it up and make it really fun. Let me welcome you to LANDFORM ISLAND! Your students will love this idea and it will be extremely easy for […]

How to Make Writing Fun

I used to absolutely DREAD teaching writing. I always struggled with how to teach students to put their emotions into words without it sounding dry or being illegible. I felt like my students were bored, I was bored and nobody wanted to read or write about one more personal narrative. I decided my writing block […]

The Best Back to School Read Alouds You’ve Ever Seen

& Other Fun Activities Back to school is SUCH a fun time! And such a critical time to set the scene for the year. Here are some great character building texts that you should add to your classroom library and use to foster some great character education conversations! The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill and […]

How to Boost Engagement by Making a Magazine

Compiling all of the Writing Genres in a Fun, Engaging Way Are you looking for a fun way to review or introduce all of the various writing genres you’ll teach or have taught throughout the year? Look no more! This magazine is a fun, exciting way to get your students amped up about their writing. […]