Gingerbread Math Workshop: The Most Wonderful Project of the Year


Gingerbread Math Project

Are you looking for a way to set the stage and engage your learners in math during the fun month of December? (or during any month you happen to be teaching fairy tales – this is NOT Christmas specific). Look no further, the gingerbread math workshop project is here! Students will take on the role of being an owner of a gingerbread shop. During this simulation, students will complete various tasks necessary to “run” their own gingerbread shop. This is a GREAT way to review for upcoming standardized tests, and is also a great way to briefly introduce topics that you might be teaching later in the year. The topics covered include: addition and subtraction to 1000, word problems, geometry, graphing, measurement, money and more. Check out the photos below to see specifics.

Implementing the gingerbread workshop is best done in small groups. I usually do a four question warm up to see what prior knowledge students have, teach a mini lesson to review the skill of the day, and then break into small groups. During small groups, my students bring their gingerbread math packets to my back table and I have the supplies that they need to complete the page. I allow students to select either working alone, working with a partner or working with me while going through each simulation. If it is a skill I have not taught yet this year (multiplication/arrays), then we will do a lot whole group and just a few review problems independently.

Students LOVE this simulation. They often are begging for more and talking about how much fun math is during this time. It is a great way to provide concrete reasons to students as to WHY they are learning the different skills they learn throughout the year. This pairs perfectly with gingerbread literature units. If you are looking for a gingerbread literacy unit, check out my blog post for some ideas!

You can snag all of the resources you saw in this post in my store by clicking here. Do you have a gingerbread unit, week, or month at your school? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on it below. Please feel free to drop any questions below as well. Have a great week!


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