How to Boost Engagement by Making a Magazine


Compiling all of the Writing Genres in a Fun, Engaging Way

Are you looking for a fun way to review or introduce all of the various writing genres you’ll teach or have taught throughout the year? Look no more! This magazine is a fun, exciting way to get your students amped up about their writing. This can be used as a whole group writing project, or as a passion project to help accelerate your higher learners. Higher learners can use this as an independent project that you give to them, and frequently check in on. They can research material for their magazine, write, draft, and then show you before publishing. This is a great way to provide them with extra learning opportunities to help stretch their mind and help them express themselves in different ways.

Picking a Topic:

Students can write about anything and everything. Students might want to write about something they are passionate about, something they know a lot about, something you want them to research, something you are learning about in class or even about your class/school in general. This is a great way to engage students as you can allow them to pick their own subject and write about anything that interests them! Here are some ideas below..


Fleshing Out the Writing

The greatest part about this magazine is that it is totally customizable for your needs.  It is designed for students to write one topic about the following genres: narrative, informative, persuasive/opinion, letters with a problem and solution, a poem, a how-to and additional fun pages such as comics, a word search and a joke. You can add additional pieces of these genres, or omit any genres that you did not cover or do not want to cover. Every piece has a planning page, a drafting page, an editing checklist and then the publishing pages. Here are some examples of published pieces from each genre below:




How-To/Poetry/Advice Column:

Covers, Fun Pages, Odds & Ends:

My students absolutely LOVED this writing project, and hopefully your students will too! You can snag this project in my store here.

Hopefully you found what you were looking for in this blog post! If you have any of your own successes with this topic, please feel free to share helpful tips or stories below! Check back each Monday in 2018 for a new post on my blog. Enjoy!


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