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Looking for the BEST 2nd grade math centers for your classroom? These 42 hands on math activities are PERFECT for your classroom! Cover every standard including: place value, 2 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, geometry, fractions, measurement, telling time, US money and multiplication.


EACH of the 2nd Grade Math Centers Includes:

  • Student Friendly Directions
  • 26-52 Game Cards
  • Recording Sheets
  • Answer Keys

Hands On Activities Include:

  • Matching Games
  • I Have, Who Has
  • Top It Comparison Games
  • Games to Use with Math Manipulatives (pattern blocks, geoboards, base ten hundreds, tens and ones blocks and more)

Please open the preview file to see each game.


Topics Covered in 2nd Grade Math Centers

  1. Place Value – Hundreds, Tens and Ones, Expanded Form, Word Form, Comparing 3 Digit Numbers
  2. 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction – 2 Addition with Regrouping Games, 2 Subtraction with Regrouping Games, 1 Addition with Regrouping Word Problem Game, 1 Subtraction with Regrouping Word Problem Game
  3. Measurement – Estimating and Measuring in Centimeters and Inches, Practicing Length and Width, Area and Perimeter
  4. US Money – Counting Coins including quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies, comparing amounts of coins, and money word problems
  5. Geometry – Sides, angles, creating new shapes, using geoboards to create shapes, shape names, patterns
  6. Fractions – matching fractions to divided shapes, matching fractions to sets of shapes, dividing shapes with geoboards
  7. Telling Time – time to 5 minutes, time words, time “slang”, clock dominos
  8. Multiplication – repeated addition, arrays, commutative property, equivalent equations


This Comparing 3 Digit Numbers Activity Is PERFECT For:

  • Small Groups
  • Independent Work
  • Earlier Finishers
  • Centers
  • Unit Review
  • Math Test Prep
  • Spiral Reviewing

& so much more!


If you also need 2nd grade math worksheets and activities for teaching whole group, check out my second grade math unit plans as well: Second Grade Common Core Math Units YEAR BUNDLE


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