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Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC summer. If you are anything like me, you spent all of June telling yourself summer would last forever, and all of July eyeing everything at the Target Dollar Spot, wondering just HOW much money is too much money to spend there… Well, my classroom is receiving a MAJOR update for next year, so here are some of the gems I found at the dollar spot, along with how I plan to use them in my classroom and DPCI numbers that you can use to look up these items in stores near you.

If you are not familiar with what DPCI numbers are, you can use the website www.brickseek.com to look up certain items that you are looking for that are not on store websites, such as Target and Walmart.

Book Bins & Library Tubs

IMG_6284These are GREAT for classroom libraries. I use the tubs on the left for two purposes: my leveled library picture books and for my students personal book bins. I use the tubs on the right for sorting chapter books and class sets of guided reading books. All of the books that I put in pink book bins on all bookshelves are appropriate for the pink group, etc. I have hunted book bins down for years, and these are by FAR the best price for what you get. The linking feature is really nice, they are as sturdy as the ones from the more expensive teaching stores, and they are nice and big to hold lots of student items.

DPCI for Book Bins – 234-24-0460

DPCI for Book Tubs – 234-24-0457

Magnetic White Board Holders

IMG_6285These are GREAT for holding white board erasers, white board markers, magnets and anything else that you use on the white board. I am SO excited to have found these bigger ones to hold my sentence strip holders from Beyond the Blackboard. I cannot wait to show you guys pictures of my room soon.

DPCI for Small Magnetic White Board Holders – 234-24-0490

DPCI for Large Magnetic White Board Holders – 234-24-0489

Building Blocks

I cannot wait to add these beautiful and fun building blocks to my STEM bins for my students. These are easy to connect to build both 2D and 3D shapes.

DPCI for Building Blocks – 234-25-3447

Reading Trackers

Reading trackers are AMAZING for students with reading disabilities. They help students keep track of what line they are on, while blocking out all other lines from view. These are great when students are learning how to read more complex picture books with lots of words and especially great for chapter books. They can also double as bookmarks for students. I was BEYOND excited to see these at the Target dollar spot, 10 for one dollar!

DPCI for Reading Trackers – 234-24-0544

Large Book Tubs

These are great for storing bigger objects or lots of books. I am going to store my seasonal books that all students can read in one of these, as well as headphones for my computers.

DPCI for Large Book Tubs – 234-24-0498

Small Pocket Charts

I have SO many of these, but I use them ALL! These are great for posting vocabulary, having students play matching games, pencil challenges/trackers, and SO much more. I always stock up on all the new colors when I see them. They also have small calendars in the dollar spot that I love because they save sooo much space compared to the calendars that other school supply stores carry.

DPCI for Small Pocket Charts- 234-24-0767


I am going to use the crayon banner to create a sign that says welcome, I have a pencil one from last year that says “Mrs. Kelly” and I am going to use the apple one to say 2nd grade. So together, it will say “Welcome to Mrs. Kelly’s Second Grade Class” once it is all hodgepodged together. We have three large interior windows that I will hang this above, so you see it when looking into my classroom from the hallway.

DPCI for Both Banners – 234-24-0384

Mini Erasers

I am SO excited that they finally have released some new mini-erasers, including the ALPHABET. I will use the alphabet erasers in my small groups for word work. I will put them each in a small container so students have the entire alphabet in each bin. To read about how I use the rest of the erasers, hop on over to my blog post specifically on mini-erasers here.

DPCI for All Erasers Shown Above – 234-24-0558


These make a GREAT back to school gift or activity to use with your kiddos. I always attach a small note to them and give these out on the first day of school or during assessment days. Stay tuned for the freebie note that I attach, coming soon.

DPCI for Bubbles – 234-09-0045


These labels pair perfectly with the book bins from Target, as well as any other book bins you may have from the dollar store or teacher store. There are 20 in a pack, which is perfect for re-labeling any classroom library.

DPCI for Labels – 234-24-0452

Other Finds

I found some other great stuff in the dollar spot, but missed the DPCI ‘s for these. If you have them, please feel free to share them in the comments for everyone 🙂


Happy shopping! If you have any more questions, or awesome finds you’d like to share below, please drop them in the comments.

Emily - The Mountain Teacher


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