Special May Writing Activities That Your Class Can’t Miss


It is difficult to find end of the year writing prompts that capture students attention. Let’s change that! With prompts from every genre and read alouds to accompany writing, these May writing prompts and activities are sure to engage students and get students pencils moving!

May Narrative Prompt:

Have students write a fun, imaginative narrative about My Trip to Outer Space. Students will come up with an interactive story including a problem and solution. As a class, you can read aloud the story Luna Muna and talk about events in the story.

Then, you can either emulate those events or come up with a story of your own about visiting space. Think about where you might want to go, what you might see, who you might encounter, and how life up there would be different than life down here. Allow students to TALK to each other about these details, so they are sure to have lots of ideas to add to their writing.

May Writing Prompts and Activities | My Trip to Space Imaginative Narrative Project for the End of the Year

Some fun ways to spruce it up is to introduce “space food” (dehydrated food) to your students and letting them add those details to their writing. You can also watch BrainPop Jr, Flocabulary or YouTube videos about space to gather even more details.

Finally, take your students through the writing process and have them publish their fun crafts to add to their writing portfolios or to hang up in the hallway for a fun bulletin board.

May Opinion Prompt:

Do your students love summer as much as mine? By May, who DOESN’T love the idea of a long break from school, warm days by the pool and the sound of an ice cream truck?

Have students write about their Favorite Part of Summer and WHY this part of summer is simply fabulous. Start by generating a list of possible writing topics on the board.

May Writing Prompts and Activities | Summer Writing Project - Best Part of Summer

Some Ideas to Include:

  • Family Trips (beach, camping, etc.)
  • Pool
  • Hot Days
  • Sprinklers
  • Playing in the Yard
  • Bike Rides
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Ice Cream
  • Making S’mores

Let students pick ONE idea to elaborate on. Consider having them think about all of their senses when coming up with their plan. How does the beach smell? Sound? Feel? Etc.

Then, give students time to go through the writing process and create their fun craft all about summer.

This activity is easily paired with A Lullaby of Summer Things or The Night Before Summer Vacation.

May Informative Prompt:

By May I am sure both you and your students are tired about writing “All About…” insert an animal or another nonfiction topic.

Rather than picking yet another topic to research and regurgitate facts, allow students to pick a more familiar and relatable topic.

I love to do this fun Let’s Taco Bout My Dad project. Students can write all about their dad or any other important figure in their life.

May Writing Prompts and Activities | Let's Taco Bout My Dad Father's Day Writing Project Craft Card

This makes a great Father’s Day present or bulletin board.

May Procedural or How To Writing Prompt:

May Writing Prompts and Activities | How to Build a Sand Castle

Get students jazzed up about the beach by having students write about How to Build a Sandcastle.

A fun way to excited students for this project is to use kinetic sand or your school sandbox to see if your students’ steps work to actually build a sandcastle.

Challenge students to see how fool-proof their steps are by not doing ANYTHING unless it is included in their writing.

May Writing Journal:

Are you looking to get students writing every day? Consider having them do a digital or printable journal. This makes a great independent activity for the end of the year. It can be used as a writing warm up, morning work, a center or quiet time.

Either grab this fun activity with prompts already done for you, or allow students to come up with their own topics each day!

May Writing Prompts and Activities | Writing Journals Digitally and PDF or Worksheets

Other May Writing Ideas:

Some other great end of the year projects include:

Find more ideas about supercharging your end of year writing over here.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite May writing prompts or activities? Leave them in the comments below.

Hang in there teachers – you are almost to the end!

Emily - The Mountain Teacher

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