NOT Another Coffee Mug: Actually Approved Teacher Gifts

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

The end of the year is upon us! Whether you are a teacher buying a gift for another teacher, a parent looking for a gift for your child’s teacher, a mentor teacher buying a student teacher a gift, or anything in between… No matter what your budget looks like, below is a guide for some thoughtful teacher gifts for the end of the school year.

Bath & Body Works

Who doesn’t love a little self-care? Treat your favorite teacher to some hand soaps, hand sanitizers, room sprays, candles or lotions from Bath and Body Works. One of the best parts about Bath & Body Works is that teachers can exchange scents they might not love for their favorite scents for FREE.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts | Bath and Body Works Candles


All pens are NOT created equally. However, teachers are also using and losing their favorite pens. This simple gift can help teachers save a pretty penny and make them smile!

The top teacher pens are:

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts | Flair Pens, Ink Joy Pens, Fancy Pens, Felt Tip Pens

Gift Cards

While some people are adamantly against gift cards, there is nothing better than letting a teacher pick out their own favorite self-care items. Jazz it up by sticking it to a bottle of Bath & Body Hand Soap, and you won’t feel like you are “just giving a gift card”.

Some of the best gift cards for teachers include:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Starbucks, Dunkin or Local Coffee Shops
  • Door Dash (so teachers can have a hot lunch too!)
Thoughtful Teacher Gifts | Amazon Gift card

House Plants

Help teachers spruce up their classroom or home with a simple house plant. This can be small or large, but is a great way to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Make sure what you are buying is not a complicated plant, but rather something simple to care for like a succulent.

Coffee Warmer

Teachers are NOTORIOUS for setting down their hot cup of coffee in the morning, and forgetting about it by lunch time. Help them keep their coffee warm by giving them a coffee warmer plate for their kitchen or classroom desk.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts | Coffee Warmer for desk

Mini Keurig

Looking to pool some money together for a larger class gift? Grab a mini-keurig for teachers to make coffee for one throughout their school day. Bundle this together with some of the teacher’s favorite k-cups for an amazing treat.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts | Mini Keurig Machine Single Serve

Wireless Phone Charger

Teachers use their phones ALL DAY to send pictures to parents, answer emails, play music, set timers and more. Help them keep their phone conveniently charged with a wireless phone charger.

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts | Cordless Phone Charger

Final Thoughts

While teacher gifts are certainly not expected or necessary, thanking a teacher for any reason absolutely goes a long way.

What are you favorite thoughtful teacher gifts that you have given or received? Drop them in the comments so we can grow our list!

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links.

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