Supercharge End of Year Writing with these FUN Prompts

Supercharge End of Year Writing Projects and Plans

Are you looking for ways to supercharge writing prompts at the end of the year to keep your students’ attention? By the end of the year, writing can feel dull and repetitive for students. Change it up in the fourth quarter by doing a fun writing project! My favorite projects to do are Magazine Passion Projects, Memory Books or a Poetry Book.

These projects allow students to keep practicing important skills while also allowing students to channel creative outlets. I love doing projects like this because students can guide themselves through the activities while I work on individual assessments or packing up the room for summer.

Magazine Passion Project

Writing a magazine is a great way to allow students to review all different genres of writing in one fun project. Students pick any topic they are passionate about – a sport, an animal, a book, a person, a movie… ANYTHING they want to write about – and then spend an extended period of time developing different pieces about that topic.

Allowing students to select their own topic that they are knowledgeable and passionate about is a great way to not only increase engagement, but to learn more about students and their passions.

End of Year Writing Projects and Plans | Magazine Writing Project

During this project, students will write a:

  • Narrative piece
  • Informative piece
  • Opinion Piece
  • Procedural /How To Piece
  • A Letter (including a problem and solution)
  • Addition Fun Elements (comic strips, jokes, crossword puzzle, etc.)

You can read more in depth about the project here or grab this fun project today on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Memory Books

What if instead of writing quick facts and coloring hastily, students actually took their time and wrote actual BOOKS to store in their memory boxes?

Memory books are a great way to reminisce about the year while also practicing writing. Have students practice narrative, opinion and informative writing while also creating an intentional and fun book that they can use to look back on forever.

End of Year Writing Projects and Plans | Memory Book

Students can write about fun topics including:

  • Field Trips
  • All About Them
  • Favorite Day of School
  • Favorite Subject
  • Best Friend
  • All About Their Teacher
  • Their Family
  • When They Grow Up
  • Recess

Read more in depth about memory books here or grab this memory book project today on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Poetry Book

Sometimes we spend so long focusing on writing craft that we forget about more exciting and equally important writing skills, such as poetry.

A fun way to get students who don’t love to write to enjoy writing is by having them create a poetry book. It is a fun way for students to express themselves and a creative outlet for students who might put up roadblocks to traditional writing.

Typically, I do this unit in April. We practice reading and writing different types of poems including:

End of Year Writing Projects and Plans | Poetry Book
  • ABC Poem
  • Acrostic Poem
  • Autobiographical Poem
  • Ballad Poem
  • Chant Poem
  • Cinquain Poem
  • Color Poem
  • Diamante Poem
  • Haiku Poem
  • Limerick Poem
  • Lune Poem
  • Ode Poem
  • Shape Poem
  • Tanka Poem

Check out more about teaching poetry here or grab this poetry project (all instructional videos included) on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Final Thoughts

The end of the school year can be tough. Writing can be even more difficult, but be sure to re-energize and engage your writers by trying one of these fun end of year writing prompts.

Which end of year projects are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Emily - The Mountain Teacher

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