How to Use Target’s Mini Erasers


What To Do with ALL the Mini Erasers:

If you are anything like me, you find out that the Target Dollar Spot has restocked brand new mini erasers and you MUST have them ALL! Only… they are so cute and perfect that it is a little nerve wrecking to give them to the kids to use… only to find that they have ripped your bats into two pieces or (ironically) that they are actually using them to erase! 


There are so many different wants to utilize them in your classroom, but here are some of my favorite ways below.


  1. As counters for addition and subtraction.. check out these awesome photos below by my great friend, Rachel Brooks from Kinder With Mrs Brooks.
  2. Practicing counting to 100, making and counting groups of ten, or any other practice on a hundreds chart
  3. Using them as game pieces for math games. If you’re looking for bump games for your classroom, check out my seasonal games here!
  4. Using them as game pieces for literacy games!
  5. Using them as talking chips for chatty students
6. Using them as counters on a pictograph. Check out the Roll It, Add It, Graph It Game here and the winter graphing game from Kinder With Mrs. Brooks here.
7. Putting them in a STEM bin and letting the kids build with them.  
8. Sorting and categorizing activities for EL students or early childhood students
9. Estimation jars!

 10. If all else fails.. my first year I used them as prizes in my prize box!


Storing my mini erasers quickly became a problem too. I had hundreds of unorganized ziplock bags all tossed into a big box that I was constantly going through to find different erasers for different seasons. These boxes from Michael’s were the perfect storage solution for me! You can find these online here


Finally, setting up rules with my students was so important. My kids get SO excited for a new season because they know we will be breaking out new erasers. However, I hate to find them all over my floor, in desks, broken in half or being used as actual erasers. My kids know for every season we have a 6 strike policy. If I find any erasers not put away properly, or being misused, we lose a letter in the word eraser. Once the word eraser is completely gone, the erasers disappear for the season and snap cubes are brought out. My students find this to be the END OF THE WORLD, and we typically only lose our erasers one time a year. With that being said, I also never allow them to use erasers when a substitute is guest teaching. 



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Emily - The Mountain Teacher


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