The Best DIGITAL Informative Writing Activities with Astonishing Results

DIGITAL Informative Writing Activity Roundup

Are you looking for some FUN digital informative writing activity ideas that you can implement with your students? Digital writing projects are GREAT to use in both in person and virtual classrooms. They are easy to assign, require no prep work and include ALL instructional videos needed to teach a topic. All About Me Informative […]

The Best Informative Writing Activities with Astonishing Student Results

Informative Writing Activities Roundup

Are you looking for some engaging project ideas or informative writing activities for your elementary classroom? These 10 informative writing activities are fun, engaging and common core aligned. They are sure to get your students thinking and applying their knowledge of nonfiction topics in new and exciting ways. All About Me What better way to […]

The Best Informative Writing Mentor Texts that Students Will LOVE

Informative Writing Mentor Texts and Resources

Are you looking for some engaging informative writing mentor texts to use in your classroom? When students are gathering facts, it is important to use authentic facts and details for their research. Below are some ideas to gather great informative or nonfiction texts for your classroom. What if You Had… Animal Series If your students […]

How to Teach Informative Writing in 2nd Grade with Spectacular Results

Teaching Informative Writing in 2nd Grade

Not going to lie.. informative writing can be daunting. Which makes teaching informative writing that much more daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be a battle and it can even be FUN! Important Concepts: Students need to learn how to research facts about a topic and restate those facts in their own words. Both parts […]

How to Teach Constellations to Make Students DEMAND More

Stars and Constellations

Are you looking for a fun way to teach about our amazing stars and constellations in 2nd or 3rd grade? I love combining mythology and stars to learn about constellations. Texts: My two favorite texts for teaching this skill are Zoo in the Sky and Once Upon a Starry Night. I also have loved using […]

Get Astonishing Engagement Using This Fun Solar System Activity

Solar System for 2nd or 3rd Grade Cover02

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your students about the individual planets, dwarf planets, comets and more? Teaching about planets and the solar system in 2nd grade or 3rd grade is such an engaging and fun topic. I love to incorporate this exciting science unit into the end of the year reading […]