The Best DIGITAL Informative Writing Activities with Astonishing Results

Digital informative writing resource activity roundup

Are you looking for some FUN digital informative writing activity ideas that you can implement with your students? Digital writing projects are GREAT to use in both in person and virtual classrooms. They are easy to assign, require no prep work and include ALL instructional videos needed to teach a topic.

All About Me Informative Writing / Google Slides Tutorial

What better way to start writing informative pieces than to start with something students are experts about… themselves! Have students write an informative piece about themselves using the various elements of writing. Students will practice adding various text features to a Google Slides project during this fun 10 lesson project. Students will love this project and it makes a great get-to-know-you activity.

All about bats digital informative writing and research activity

Bats Informative Writing

A fun topic around October or at any time of the year is BAT research! In the instructional videos, students are shown how to use online resources to research all about bats. Then, students take that research and turn it into an informative writing piece about bats. This project is a fun way to get any students writing nonfiction facts.

All about pumpkins digital informative writing project

Pumpkins Informative Writing

What better way to engage students into the spirit of a season than to be researching timely topics? Students are so excited in the Fall to pick their perfect pumpkins. However, how much do they really know about pumpkins? Students will use online resources to gather information about pumpkins from nonfiction texts, then students take that research and turn it into a pumpkin report.

My thanksgiving dinner digital informative writing project

My Thanksgiving Informative Writing

The holidays are such a fun and festive time for students. One fun way to engage students in informative writing is to get them writing about topics that are already familiar to them. A great topic to write about is their Thanksgiving dinner. There are so many facts they can share.. who was there, what did they eat, where did they eat it, why were they celebrating, what did they do before/during/after the meal? The options are limitless and the facts you will learn about your students are fascinating. Snag this fun project for your classroom.

Animal research digital informative writing and science project

Animal Research Project

There is nothing more fascinating to students than to learn about different animals. Students LOVE to learn fun facts and act as researchers to find out new and exciting information about their favorite creatures. Empower students to do this research by having them pick a habitat and write a report on the animals that live in this habitat. This project can be as short or as long as you want it to be, depending on how many animals you want them to research. Read more about it here or grab this resource now!

Bug research digital informative writing activity

Bug Research Project

Let’s face the facts.. a fun spring topic for students is no doubt INSECTS. Students love to learn about these creepy, crawly creatures. Embrace that love by having students do a digital bug research project. The best part about a digital resource? No copies AND no prep! Simply assign and go. What are you waiting for? Grab this resource now.

What is your favorite digital informative writing activity? Drop it in the comments below!

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