What to Include in a Meet the Teacher Template

Are you getting ready to meet a fresh batch of students and parents? There are some important things you will not want to forget in your back to school preparations,

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Setting new years resolution goals with students

Happy New Year! New Year means all new you! Right? Well.. it at least means a few goals that you want to accomplish for the year. Why should it be

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Clear expectations for a digital classroom

2020 has been a mess. 2020 is still a mess. 2020 will continue to be a mess. BUT your classroom does NOT have to be a mess. Clear expectations are

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Guide to keeping a clean elementary school classroom

The beginning of the year is SUCH a fun and exciting time. We have fresh supplies, clean classrooms, new books for our library, fresh notebooks for our students, sometimes even

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Flexible Seating Favorites and Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

Looking to implement flexible seating in your classroom next year, but not sure what seats to start with? Let me tell you about some of my absolute favorite flexible seating

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Student Led Guided Reading Groups

Student-Led Guided Reading Groups from A-Z Are you looking for a way to change up the way you are implementing guided reading groups in your classroom? Look no further! Below

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