Everything to Include in an Unparalleled Meet the Teacher Template

What to include in your meet the teacher template back to school tips

Are you getting ready to meet a fresh batch of students and parents? There are some important things you will not want to forget in your back to school preparations, including ideas for your meet the teacher template. Meet the Teacher night can be exciting and scary, but it is easier when you have all of your informative pre-thought out and prepared in advanced. Follow this meet the teacher template to help you create the perfect back to school packet and limit parent questions to follow.

All About You

It might be obvious, but the most important thing that parents and students will want to know is WHO is teaching their student this year. This is a great time to be FUN, introduce your personable side and to try to build relationships by being relatable. Let families know where you come from, what your educational background is but also the exciting things.. like who your family is, what your hobbies are, and all about your favorite things. This is always the part I get the most feedback on, and is a great way to start building positive relationships up off the bat.

Back to School Meet the Teacher PRINTABLE Flip Book for BTS Night


It is always a good idea to include a daily schedule for parents in your back to school information. This helps parents know what to expect from school by letting them know exactly what their kids will be doing each day. It also helps plan for doctor’s appointments throughout the year. This is a great place to include an AMP or specials schedule as well, especially if you are going to have one that is constantly changing.

Back to School Meet the Teacher DIGITAL Flip Book for BTS Night

School Supplies

Don’t forget to remind parents of what their students will need this year! You can also ask for special supplies that you might need a few of that parents can donate. This might include teacher supplies such as ziplock bags, highlighters, your favorite pens and more. You can also add a link or QR code for an Amazon Wish List if you are allowed to do so.

Back to School Meet the Teacher PRINTABLE Flip Book for BTS Night


It is important to be transparent with parents off the bat. Let parents know exactly what benchmarks you will be using with their students this year, and let them know where a typical student should be performing. This will help keep parents from being surprised when report card season rolls around.

Back to School Meet the Teacher DIGITAL Flip Book for BTS Night


How many papers will you grade a week? What is your grading scale? How will parents know that you have looked at a student assignment? Let parents know what you grade, how often you grade, and what they can expect from you as far as grades go so that they know exactly what to look for when a students backpack comes home. This is also an important reminder that you do NOT have to grade everything. I repeat… you DO NOT have to grade it all! Pick what is important, spot check, and move on.

Back to School Meet the Teacher PRINTABLE Flip Book for BTS Night


Do you assign homework? Should students be reading each night? This is a great time to let parents know what they can expect to be doing to help students learn at home.

Back to School Meet the Teacher DIGITAL Flip Book for BTS Night

At Home Resources

Do your students have access to websites or resources at school that they can also be using at home? Some ideas for this section can include helpful websites, what library checkout might look like and how to sign up for a local library card!

Behavior and Expectations

What will your behavior system look like this year? What are your specific classroom expectations? Be very clear here what they are, how you reward positive behavior (focus on positive!) but also be sure to mention how you will communicate with parents if students are having a difficult time.

Back to School Meet the Teacher DIGITAL Flip Book for BTS Night


Be sure to include a segment on how parents can best communicate with you. It is important to set boundaries here as well, so be sure to include TIMES that parents can email you and when they can expect a reply. You are a human being too. It is perfectly reasonable to set your hours to be work hours only, and to say you will reply to all weekend emails on Monday morning. Just be sure to make that clear with parents.

What is your favorite thing to include in your meet the teacher template? Drop it in the comments below!

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