Easy Classroom Newsletters Can Make Astonishing Results

Classroom Newsletters Should you do a newsletter for your classroom? How often should you send home your newsletter? What should you include in your newsletter? Find all the answers here! Should You Have a Class Newsletter? YES! Yes, yes, yes! Classroom newsletters are a great way to keep parents informed on what is happening in […]

Launching Reading Workshops that Quickly Show Results

Reading workshops can be the BEST part of the day ever, but there is SO much that goes into them, it can be overwhelming. There are a few things that you can do to help keep this time of the day organized and consistent for your students to ensure that it is the most productive […]

How to Build and Maintain Astonishing Parent-Teacher Relationships

My first few years of teaching, there was nothing I was more terrified of than parents. I was worried they would be upset with me and that I wouldn’t have the right answers for them. I was also worried they might second guess what I was doing, or not like the way that things were […]

How to Organize ALL the Things in Your Classroom

Have you purchased all of the beautiful bins and tubs from Target and Michaels but don’t yet have a plan for how to use them? Or perhaps your classroom has a little bit here, a little bit there and a lot of stuff everywhere.. like my classroom used to be. Well, look no further. Here […]

Stunning 2nd Grade Classroom Reveal that Will Make You Swoon

Hi Everyone! I am SO EXCITED to finally release photos from my classroom now that it is FINALLY finished! Please note that it took MANY hours to complete and many years to finally get my room to be in a state that I am absolutely in love with. Most of what you see item-wise (computers, […]

Reward Students on a Budget without Material Incentives

Introducing… PINK SUPERSTARS! Do you struggle keeping up with who earned a prize, buying prizes and finding time to give students prizes? Plus.. do you struggle to find prizes that aren’t junk and causing more problems in your classroom? Personally, I hate the idea that students have a good day and think that they automatically […]