The Best Measurement Activities for 2nd Grade


Do you need the best measurement activities for centers to use with your 2nd graders? Look no further! These 5 measurement centers are PERFECT for your students.

The Best 2nd Grade Measurement Activities - Width and Length Center

Width and Length in Centimeters and Inches

Get students practicing using and understanding BOTH sides of a ruler with these fun measurement activities.

Students will pick a card, read the sentence on the card and use a ruler to measure either in inches or in centimeters.

The Best 2nd Grade Measurement Activities - Estimate and Measure in Inches and Centimeters Center

Estimate and Measure

Students will not always have a ruler available to measure something.

It is important we teach them realistic ways to estimate when you don’t have a measurement tool available.

This fun measurement center is a GREAT way to have students do just that.

Students sill make estimates on how many inches and centimeters long each spider is.

When they are done, they will use a ruler to get the actual measurements of the spider.

The Best 2nd Grade Measurement Activities - Measurement Word Problems Center

Measurement Word Problems

Are you looking for measurement activities that help students understand when they would be using measurement in REAL LIFE scenarios?

These measurement word problem task cards are the perfect way for students to see when and how measurement applies in the real world.

Students will read the word problem, solve it on a white board or separate sheet of paper, then find the matching bee with the correct answer. An optional recording sheet is also included.

The Best 2nd Grade Measurement Activities - Comparing Lengths Center

Comparing Lengths Activities

Perhaps the HARDEST measurement skill for students to master is comparing lengths.

During this activity, students will practice measuring 2 caterpillars lengths. They will then have to subtract to find out how much longer one caterpillar is than another.

This measurement activity is on the more difficult side, and might be better suited for a small teacher led group or repeated practice.

Width, Height and Perimeter

Once students have the hang of measuring the width and length of objects, they are ready to find the perimeter.

While not all 2nd graders might be ready for this skill, it is a great enrichment activity for most.

Students will practice measuring the height and width, then will make an equation to find the perimeter.


Grab everything you need to use these fun measurement activities with your students here!

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