The Best Groundhog Day Activities for Classrooms


Will the groundhog see his shadow or not?! Students LOVE this silly and fun holiday, and there are a few fun Groundhog Day activities that are a “hole” lot of fun for your elementary students.

My two favorite Groundhog Day activities for the classroom are having students write either an opinion on whether or not they WANT the groundhog to see its shadow, or to research about groundhogs to write an informative piece.

The Best Groundhog Day Activities for Classrooms | 2 Writing Projects for Elementary Students covering Opinion and Informative Writing about Groundhogs

Groundhog Day Opinion Writing Project

Students LOVE to talk all about their opinions, so why not help channel that energy into their writing?

Either over the course of a single writing block, or an entire week, I love to hear if students prefer SPRING to arrive or another 6 weeks of chilly winter.

Start by having students work together to write down the pros of each season – what do they love about winter and what do they love about spring?

After, have students pick where their hearts lie and create a plan for their writing.

Bring student writing through the writing process by having students write a draft, edit their draft and publish their pieces into adorable groundhog projects for a great hallway bulletin board.

Grab everything you need for this Groundhog’s Shadow Opinion Writing Piece right now.

Groundhog Research Project

Need something that goes along with your informative writing unit or that is grounded into a science project? No problem.

Give students time to RESEARCH facts about groundhogs. You can either learn generically about groundhogs as an animal or learn specifically about Punxsutawney Phil.

Have students take notes during their research that they can then turn into a full on draft. Revise, edit and publish their drafts for yet another adorable Groundhog Day bulletin board.

Grab this amazing Informative Writing Groundhog Project today!


How do you celebrate Groundhog Day with your students? Don’t miss out on these fun Groundhog Day activities!

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