8 Simple February Writing Prompts for Your Elementary Classroom

Looking for February writing prompts to line up with all the late winter holidays, including Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, dental health month and more?

These fun writing prompts, worksheets, crafts and activities are PERFECT to add some life to your writing lesson plans this winter season.

Grab 4 writing lessons for February covering every genre now, or explore even more amazing topics below!

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | the best candy

The Best Candy (opinion)

Have students celebrate Valentine’s Day without discussing the actual holiday by having them write about their FAVORITE candy.

Students will be SO engaged with this Best Candy Opinion Project.

Have them either try a few candies then pick their favorite, or simply pick their favorite candy. Then, have them write compelling reasons and details about why this candy is better than all other candies.

Students will LOVE how fun and “competitive” this project is.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | my days the president president's day activity

My Day As the President (narrative)

Let students get their imaginations flowing this President’s Day by having them imagining themselves as the president.

What would they do all day? Would there be a problem? How would they solve it?

Let them answer all of these questions and more using differentiated graphic organizers and writing worksheets.

Finally, let them top off their writing with a fun patriotic craft.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | how to catch a loveosaurus loveasaurus book companion

How to Catch a Loveasaurus (procedural)

Looking for a great mentor text to tie into writing? How to Catch a Loveasaurus is a GREAT read aloud for any primary classroom.

Students will laugh along with this book while also imagining a loveasaurus loose at their school.

Let them imagine away and then come up with a how to writing piece on how they would catch the loveasaurus.

Students can turn their writing into a fun flip book when they are done with a craft on top.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | all about groundhog groundhogs day activity

All About Groundhogs (informative)

Need a fun way to address groundhogs day?

Have students write an informative piece about groundhogs, or more specifically about Punxsutawney Phil.

Students will research facts about groundhogs, take notes on graphic organizers and then will publish their writing onto a printable page.

When they are done, they can add a simple craft to the top and either put it on a bulletin board or add it to their writing portfolio.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | how to catch the tooth fairy dental health month activity

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy (procedural)

Did you know that February is dental health month?

Have students celebrate by talking about How to Catch the Tooth Fairy.

Students will read aloud a fun story and then come up with ways they can catch this cute fairy before she takes the present they have left under their pillow.

When they finish taking their piece through the writing process, they will publish it into a fun flip book with a craft to share.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | love monster craft and writing project for valentines day

My Love Monster (informative writing)

Have you read the book Love Monster with your students yet?

They will love this heartwarming tale about a monster who feels unseen and unloved.

Allow students to create their own love monster and describe it in detail.

Students LOVE this fun craft and informative writing project.

It makes a great Valentine’s Day bulletin board as well.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | sweetest person opinion writing and valentines day craft

Sweetest Person (opinion writing)

Who is the sweetest person in your life?

Allow students to answer that question and create a meaningful, heartfelt valentine with this fun opinion writing project.

Students will brainstorm reasons why this person is the sweetest and come up with details to support their reasoning.

They will then turn it into a heart shaped craft to give as a valentine to their loved one.

The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen | february writing journal for presidents day, valentines day, groundhogs day and dental health month

February Writing Journal

Do you have students practice their writing stamina and fluency each day?

It is so important for students to practice this so they can build up the stamina to write longer pieces without being fatigued.

Plus it helps students expand their thoughts on paper.

One way to do that is a DAILY writing journal.

This February Writing Journal includes daily prompts covering informative, narrative and opinion genres.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite February writing prompts or activities in your classroom?

Drop your ideas in the comments below for us to check out!

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