10 STEM Materials to Make Your Elementary Lab Unstoppable

STEM Materials for your elementary classroom stem lab

Are you looking for STEM classroom materials to use in your elementary STEM lab? Subscription boxes or crates can be expensive. There are so many easy to use STEM materials that you can put in tub and keep in your classroom STEM lab. Below is a supply list full of equipment that you can find on Amazon to use all year with your STEM activities for literacy, science, math or art projects.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Waffle or Hashtag Blocks

Waffle blocks come in a larger and small version and are great for building things like structures/buildings.

However, using the variety of colors that these STEM materials come with, you will be amazed at what your kids will come up with.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes are interlocking plastic circles that can be used to make many three dimensional shapes.

They come in tons of colors and are small, so they are easy to store.

Students can make a variety of different things with brain flakes, including both large and small objects. These are a not to miss item when collecting STEM materials.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Wiki Sticks

Wiki Sticks are a sticky, bendy, straw-like building material.

They can be twisted and bent into various shapes.

Wiki Sticks are also nice because they can stick to various surfaces, such as desks and white boards.

Kids love using them as not only a STEM supply but also for reading and writing activities.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Legos or Building Bricks

Legos are a GREAT building supply.

However, they can be expensive, so be sure to be on the lookout for less pricey knock offs or building bricks in the Target dollar spot over the summer.

Either way, students will love making various structures out of building bricks in your STEM lab.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials


Playstix are the new Lincoln Logs with even more possibilities.

The grooved surfaces make it easy to build up and over for students.

They also come with wheels, which makes making moving STEM activities easy.

These structures will come out sturdy and spectacular!

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Play Doh

Without really needing an explanation, the opportunities with Play Doh in your classroom are endless.

Be sure to set good expectations for the Play Doh before allowing students to have at it to ensure that it will last as long as possible.

Consider replacing your set once or twice a year as well to keep it fresh.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Pipe Cleaners

If you are looking for inexpensive options, pipe cleaners are a GREAT alternative to some of the more pricey STEM materials.

There are SO many uses, they are very affordable, and you can easily replace them throughout the year as needed.

These have many uses in your classroom as well, including reading activities, writing/spelling, and of course in your STEM lab.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Dixie Cups

Beyond building the tallest possible tower, students will love using Dixie Cups to make various structures.

It requires a lot of planning and patience, as well as teamwork to use these.

They are also another affordable option that can be easily replaced as needed.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Straws and Connectors

This can be as simple as standard straws and Play Doh, or a nicer plastic kit that is a bit more durable.

The possibility for these materials is endless, but students LOVE being able to build LARGE with these materials.

elementary classroom stem lab ideas | stem materials

Magnatiles or Picasso Blocks

While Magnatiles or Picasso Blocks are the most expensive option, they are by far the most used option when offered.

These magnetic tiles are really durable and are sure to last a lifetime.

Consider asking PTO if this is something they would fund, or try adding it to your classroom wish list.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite STEM materials to use in your classroom STEM lab? Let us know in the comments.

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