5 BEST Halloween Read Alouds for Your Class

the best halloween read alouds for your classroom

There are SO many Halloween read alouds to choose from, however, here are the TOP FIVE Halloween picture books to share with your class this season.

There are also many activities and crafts that pair with these children’s books that are perfect for kids to display on a bulletin board or to create during a classroom party.

five best halloween read alouds for the elementary classroom

Creepy Carrots

Are you looking for a slightly scary picture book that won’t leave your students too spooked afterward?

Build suspense with your kiddos by reading aloud Creepy Carrots.

This perfect Halloween picture book is about Jasper the bunny who is CONVINCED that carrots are haunting him.

He thinks that he is seeing carrots everywhere.. but is he?

This book has a GREAT twist in the end and EVERY elementary student from kindergarten through 5th grade is sure to love it.

Check out a full book companion for this story here.

five best halloween read alouds for the elementary classroom

Bonapart Falls Apart

This cute tale is about a little skeleton who has a tendency to fall apart. He is nervous about the first day of school, so his friends try to help him come up with solutions to not fall apart.

Bonapart Falls Apart is about strong friendships, building confidence and finding yourself.

I love this cute book and your students are sure to love it too. This is great for a not so scary read aloud for kindergarten, 1st or 2nd graders.

five best halloween read alouds for the elementary classroom

Room on the Broom

Sometimes you just need a CLASSIC Halloween read aloud.

Room on the Broom is a funny tale about a witch who keeps picking up extra visitors on her broom.

Eventually, her broom becomes too heavy and the witch and her creatures find themselves in a pickle. Not to fret though, the animals come to her rescue!

This story is great for sequencing, retelling or just plain old fun in your classroom!

five best halloween read alouds for the elementary classroom

Hardly Haunted

Hardly Haunted tells a story from the point of a view of a house that feels like she might seem haunted, but isn’t.

She tries to not be spooky, she tries to not be scary… but eventually she just embraces it. A family of ghosts moves in at the end and she decides she IS haunted and is happy about it.

This book is NOT scary and is perfect for any elementary classroom!

Pair this with a fun writing craft where students practice using their sense to write a persuasive piece about the SPOOKIEST haunted house.

five best halloween read alouds for the elementary classroom

How to Catch a Witch

The How To Catch A… series does it again with How to Catch a Witch!

This book is funny, rhymes and is a perfect way to be silly and let loose with your students this Halloween season.

While this book is not scary, it does talk about witches, so use it at your own discretion.

I love to pair this activity with writing a how to on how to catch a witch!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an easy activity to do with many different Halloween books, check out these Halloween Read Aloud Activities and Crafts, including dozens of different books.

There are TONS of Halloween read alouds to choose from. These are our five favorites, what do you think are the best Halloween read alouds? Drop them in the comments!

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