Father’s Day Activity and Craft

Father's Day Classroom Craft and Activity

Are you looking for a Father’s Day activity and craft for your classroom? Look no further.

Students will take time to write an all about piece on their dad or other important role model of their choice. They will then add it to a fun taco craft with the pun “Let’s Taco Bout My Dad”. This can be sent home and makes a nice Father’s Day gift or card, or can be displayed in the hallway for everyone to check out.

Writing Project

This project can be as simple as a one day quick write or developed thoughtfully through the writing process over multiple days.

Multi-Day Plan

This project is meant to take anywhere from 3-5 days. However, there are also tips to crunching it into one day below.

For my class, I would typically go through the writing process in the following manner:

fathers day craft and activity for the classroom | writing
  • Monday – Read aloud, talk about qualities that make our dads (or any role model) special
  • Tuesday – Spend time coming up with an engaging topic sentence, write the first two fact and detail sentences
  • Wednesday – Spend time writing the second two facts and detail sentences, then come up with a clever closing
  • Thursday – Revise and edit – spend time peer editing and revising while the teacher spot checks writing and helps with grammar/spelling. This is also when I grade papers so they are not marked up on the gift for the dads.
  • Friday – Publish and craft

If you need to condense it, the two drafting days can be combined together.

Additionally, you can edit and revise writing for the students, or have then do it before they publish.

fathers day craft and activity for the classroom | writing

One Day Plan

If you are crunched for time but would still like to devote some time to making a thoughtful gift for dads, consider letting your students skip the planning pages and dive right into publishing.

I would have the students write in pencil, then I would edit their writing also in pencil.

Then, give students time to make the correct changes. They can either “publish” this writing by going over it in pencil or marker, or can just leave it in pencil and color in the craft.

fathers day craft and activity for the classroom | writing

Other Variations

It is important that we recognize all types of families in our classroom.

If you have a student who might benefit from a variation not including the word “dad” on it, consider allowing ALL of your students to just fill out the version that says “Let’s Taco Bout Someone Special” instead.

Give students some people to choose from including: parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts or uncles, cousins, or anyone in a role model position that they might choose.

Final Thoughts

This Father’s Day activity and writing project is perfect for your classroom.

You can also learn about other spring writing prompts on my last blog post.

What is your favorite way to recognize important figures in students’ lives in your room?

Emily - The Mountain Teacher

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