The Best Narrative Writing Activities with Astonishing Student Results

Narrative Writing Activity Roundup

Are you looking for an ENGAGING narrative writing activity for your kinder through third graders? Narrative writing doesn’t have to be the same personal narratives over and over again. Spruce up your writing with the addition of mentor texts and imaginative narratives with these fun narrative writing activity ideas.

narrative writing activity round up - road trip craft and project

My Rocking Road Trip

Where would your students travel if they could go ANYWHERE in the world? Would they take a trip to Paris? Visit Mickey at Disney? Go to the beach and swim? Let your students tell you about their dream vacation by having them write about a “rocking road trip” in which they detail different stops they make and different activities they do at each location. Students will love this project and it makes a great bulletin board for the hallway.

narrative writing activity round up - my summer craft and project

My Sun-Sational Summer

Sometimes students might struggle to find topics to write about, especially at the beginning of the year. One great way to get to know your students while simultaneously teaching them the skills of narrative writing is to have them write about what they did over the summer. They can either write about multiple events, or practice stretching out one topic into multiple events. Grab this fun project on my TpT store.

narrative writing activity round up - imaginary friend beekle craft and project

My Imaginary Friend

If you had an imaginary friend that could do ANYTHING, what would you do? Your students are sure to come up with some exciting events with their imaginary buddy, and will write some funny stuff during this project! It is a great way to learn more about your students and their imaginary sides while also being able to practice important narrative writing skills. You can snag this project on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

narrative writing activity round up - my pet dragon craft and project

My Pet Dragon

If you had a pet dragon, what adventures would you go on? Would you fly somewhere? Perhaps you would visit a castle? Maybe having a dragon would cause some problems for you? Students will love writing about their adventures with their own pet dragon as much as they will love the craft and fun book that accompanies this exciting project.

narrative writing activity round up - my day with a leprechaun and tooth fairy craft and project

My Day with the Tooth Fairy/Leprechaun

We talk about catching magical creatures such as the Tooth Fairy and leprechauns with our students.. however.. what would students do once they actually grab hold of these mystical beings? Get students to think more critically and in a fun way about what would TRULY happen if they caught the tooth fairy or leprechaun. Snag this fun tooth fairy project or leprechaun project for your class, and see what amazing adventures they write about!

Flat teacher adventures digital imaginative narrative writing activity

Flat Teacher

What would your students do with YOU if they had the chance to take you anywhere? Let students write about some funny adventures with their flat teacher using this fun DIGITAL writing project. Digital writing projects make great centers, homework, independent stations, remediation/enrichment, passion projects and more for both in person and virtual classrooms.

The great stuffie adventure digital imaginative narrative writing activity

Stuffie Adventures

Students all have their favorite stuffed animals at home. Give students a chance to bring that joy into the classroom by having them write all about the adventures that these stuffies might have taken with them, or will take with them. Students can either bring these beloved stuffies to school or can spend a weekend taking pictures with their stuffed animals in order to complete this exciting narrative project.

One spooky night digital imaginative narrative writing activity halloween

Spooky Story (or Not So Spooky Story)

Are you looking to change up the normal writing that your classroom engages in? One way to spruce up the excitement is to have students write a SPOOKY (or not so spooky) story! Let students’ imaginations run wild and see what spooky things they come up with during this digital writing activity.

narrative writing activity round up - the great turkey escape craft and project

Turkey Escape

If you found out that you were the main course for Thanksgiving dinner would you stick around or would you bolt? Students will love to imagine what a Thanksgiving turkey would do running around their house trying to escape. In the end, will their turkeys escape… or will they become dinner? The fate is in your students’ hands! Grab this fun project in my TpT store.

My snowy day winter digital imaginative narrative writing activity

Snowy Day

Are you looking for a fun writing project during the long, snowy winter season? Students will enjoy this digital writing project in which they get to write about their IDEAL snowy day.

My night on the polar express digital narrative writing activity

My Trip on the Polar Express

The winter season is such a magical time, especially if you are able to talk about the holidays in your classroom. Get students engaged in their writing by having them write about their own magical journeys aboard the Polar Express. Students can come up with creative events and details laying out their adventures both aboard the train and at the North Pole. Grab this fun project and have your students start writing about their adventures today!

What is your favorite narrative writing activity? Drop it in the comments below!

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