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Websites Perfect for Elementary Students

If you are anything like me, you have been given a small amount of technology to use in the classroom which seems FANTASTIC! But wait… what websites can you even use that are free or cheap enough to be worth the year long membership? Here are some of my favorites below! We use all of these websites every day and my students love them. These work with either one-to-one technology, a small group set, or even just projecting from a computer or iPad.

1. Class DOJO

This is my FAVORITE app/website! This is more for teachers than students, but this is a fantastic way to stay connected to parents and to showcase what is happening in your classroom on a safe and free websites. I have an entire blog post on this website that you can check out here.

2. BrainPOP Jr.

This app requires an annual membership fee, but it is totally worth it! I use Brain Pop Junior as an introduction to EVERY lesson that I possibly can! The kids love it, it’s engaging and it explains things in a way that is so broken down that they can all access the information. They have some free videos as well, if you’d like a sample, check here!

3. RAZ Kids

This website requires a $99/year subscription fee for your entire class. For this $99, every student gets access to a library of leveled books that can be read to them, that they can read and the they can get assessed on. Students get a certain number of “stars” based on how many books they listen to, read and test on, and can use those to build their robots or their spaceship. This is an engaging way to get kids to read and to access many books about many topics. It also allows teachers to monitor students to see what questions they are struggling with, what they excel at, and what level they seem to be reading at.  Check this website out here.

4. Prodigy

This FREE math website asks students questions at all levels, before finding their perfect math level. Students get to choose an avatar and walk around a kingdom “battling” their friends. Each battle consists of students answering math questions to win. If students get a question wrong, the website explains why the answer was wrong and shows them the correct answer. Students are always BEGGING me to let them play Prodigy. As students get better and better at math, the questions become more difficult. You can also set a certain number of questions, can set topics for the week, or can allow students to constantly be spiral reviewing the lesson. Check out this website here.

5. Epic!

This FREE website allows you access to a huge library full of actual novels. You can set up individual accounts for kids to listen to and read books, or you can listen to them as a class. I love having this website at my fingertips, as I can use it for read aloud or can allow students to access a HUGE library of books that I do not have at my fingertips, but now do thanks to this amazing app.  Check out Epic! here.

6. NationalGeographicKids.com

We have been using this website a lot lately for research during social studies and science time. Students can explore a variety of topics for free on this website and can gather information for fun projects. Currently, my students are researching countries that go with the Winter Olympics. This website provides fun facts, colorful pictures and student friendly and appropriate language and material that makes social studies fun and 21st century research skills applicable to all ages. Check out all that National Geographic Kids has to offer here.

7. Storyline Online

This is another awesome website that allows you to access hundreds of books that you may not already have in your library. This website is fun because famous people will read aloud the stories to your students, which provides students a new way to get engaged with a good book. Check out the awesome books that this site has to offer here.

8. Kahoot!

This website requires a little prep on your end, but can turn a boring review for a test into a fun, interactive game. Simply enter the questions that you want to ask your students online, and provide a few answer choices. Students work independently or in teams to answer the question, and the earlier you answer, the more points your team gets. My students love this game because it is fun, but also anonymous if they get the answers wrong. This is great as a teacher, because it shows you what students have mastered, and what you might want to reteach. This is also a great website because there are a lot of pre-made sets of questions that you can pick from. Start creating your own Kahoot games here.

9. Plickers

Plickers is similar to Kahoot! but is nice because you only need to have one electronic device. I usually use my phone for this one. Students are each given a unique bar code that has a, b, c and d written on it. Students answer multiple choice questions and then hold up which answer they think is correct. You then use your phone to scan the room and it will tell you which students answered correctly, and which students answered incorrectly. This is great because you can make groups to review materials if students are getting things wrong consistently. It is also great because every bar code is different, so students cannot look at each other for the correct answer. Get your class set up with Plickers here.

10. Flocabulary

This website is similar to BrainPop, in which it creates engaging rap songs that introduce topics for students. This website used to offer a 30 day trial program, but is now a subscription service. This website was great to introduce many science and social studies topics in a super engaging way, and the kiddos would start memorizing songs and singing along! I am not currently using this website in my classroom, but the kids LOVED it when we did, and it is definitely something I will look into investing in again next year. Check out some free Flocbulary videos here.

Other Websites:

Some other websites that are used by teachers at my school that I have heard are loved are:

  • Front Row
  • Moby Max
  • Lexia
  • Khan Academy
  • Zearn
  • Learn Zillion

Did I miss a website you love? I’d love for you to drop it in the comments below so we can all check it out!

I hope that you found what you needed in this blog post! If you liked it or have questions, please comment below. Follow my blog for more ideas for your elementary classroom!

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