Spark Attention by Changing the Way You Use Task Cards

Liven up task cards in your classroom

Task cards are a really great way to get students practicing different skills in every subject area. There are a number of reasons that we SHOULD be using math task cards, but sometimes the same repetitive activities might get dull. Read on for ideas on how to liven up task cards in your elementary classroom. […]

The Best Teacher Planner

The best teacher planner

Are you looking for the best teacher planner that is custom, easily editable, and works for daily, weekly, or monthly plans? The Happy Planner Teacher Planner is the PERFECT classroom planner. It is editable so you can print and add your own pages, it works from an arc ring system, so you can move around […]

15 Practical Teacher Wish List Ideas You Will Adore

Back to School Teacher Wish List Ideas

Over the summer a fun thing for teachers to do is to add to their wish list. A classroom wish list which can be hosted as an Amazon Wish List, on a classroom website, posted at open house or meet the teacher night, or emailed out to parents, is a great way for teachers to […]

Don’t Have The Disgusting Classroom… How to Keep It Clean

Guide to keeping a clean elementary school classroom

The beginning of the year is SUCH a fun and exciting time. We have fresh supplies, clean classrooms, new books for our library, fresh notebooks for our students, sometimes even new furniture.. and GRAND ideas of how our classroom is going to be run. HOWEVER, this year, and ALL years, CLEANLINESS needs to be top […]