The Best Narrative Writing Mentor Texts Students will Love

Narrative Writing Mentor Texts

Are you looking for some strong, but engaging, narrative writing mentor texts? Whether you are looking for something that can be used year round or seasonally, read on to find some GREAT narrative writing mentor texts for any elementary classroom. Narrative Writing Mentor Texts for Any Time: Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend Beekle is such a […]

How to Teach Narrative Writing in 2nd Grade with Spectacular Results

Teaching Narrative Writing in 2nd Grade

Teaching narrative writing can be SO fun! But reading student’s personal narratives can get dry after a while. You can only read about so many trips to the pool or vacations where students detail getting to the airport, then their writing ends once they finally arrive in Disney World. Get your students engaged while teaching […]

The Best Opinion Writing Activities with Astonishing Student Results

Opinion Writing Activity Round Up

Are you looking for some fun opinion writing prompts or templates for your primary learners? Using an opinion writing activity rather than a regular prompt or graphic organizer is a great way to increase student engagement. These fun crafts and digital activities are a great way to get your students to write persuasive arguments. 1. […]

The Best Opinion Writing Mentor Texts Students Will Love

Opinion Writing Mentor Texts

Are you looking for some engaging authentic opinion writing mentor texts to help get your students formulating and writing their opinion? Below are my 10 favorite opinion writing mentor texts to pair with fun projects or prompts for your classroom. 1. Mentor Text 1: Hey, Little Ant This classic text is a great way to […]

How to Teach Opinion Writing in 2nd Grade with Spectacular Results

Teaching Opinion Writing in 2nd Grade

Looking for an alternative to OREO when teaching opinion writing in 2nd grade? Something more natural, more engaging, and cross-curricular that could be applied to various contents? Read on for my favorite tips and tricks to teach your second graders all about writing their opinion in a persuasive manner. Important Concepts: Students will need to […]

Everything You Need to Easily Teach Data and Graphing

Everything you need to know to teach data and graphing to second grade students.

Teachers either LOVE or HATE to teach about graphing. I personally love it, as it is a topic that most students can understand and grasp quickly, helping every student to feel successful in the classroom. I usually like to teach this unit around the holidays, as it fits in well with the crazy testing schedule […]