The Best Teacher Planner

The best teacher planner

Are you looking for the best teacher planner that is custom, easily editable, and works for daily, weekly, or monthly plans? The Happy Planner Teacher Planner is the PERFECT classroom planner. It is editable so you can print and add your own pages, it works from an arc ring system, so you can move around […]

How to Transform Flexible Seating with these Favorites

Flexible Seating Favorites and Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

Looking to implement flexible seating in your classroom next year, but not sure what seats to start with? Let me tell you about some of my absolute favorite flexible seating options! Be sure to check out my blog about partially flexible seating, if you are not ready to nose-dive right into having a fully flexible […]

The Great Pencil Challenge: Solve Your Staggering Pencil Problems

The Great Pencil Challenge: Solve All Your Staggering Pencil Problems

Looking for a way to keep your classrooms’ pencils in check? Tired of sharpening pencils or listening to the pencil sharpener all day? The Great Pencil Challenge is the solution for you! The great pencil challenge is easy. Follow these 5 steps below to implement it in your classroom! 1. Gather your pencils Get enough […]