YEAR OF Classroom Behavior Management, Goal Setting & Student Behavior Trackers




Are you struggling with classroom behavior management since you ditched your clip chart? This BUNDLE of whole class rewards systems and behavior trackers work perfectly for your ENTIRE class or for individual students ALL YEAR LONG. Take control back of your classroom behavior management in no time.

Behavior Trackers Included: 40 Festive Themed Options for Behavior Management ALL YEAR LONG!

Each THEMED Month Includes:

  • Behavior Tracker with 5 Spaces
  • Behavior Tracker with 10 Spaces
  • Behavior Tracker with 15 Spaces
  • Behavior Tracker with 20 Spaces

There are 4 different behavior tracker options for each month, and each one includes both a color copy and a black and white copy (4x4x2=32 options PER month, x10=320 options for the year!).


  • 3 Options for Student Behavior Goal Setting Pages
  • 36 Behavior Goals for Students that work for INDIVIDUAL students as well as whole CLASS BEHAVIOR GOALS
  • 48 Class Rewards for Positive Reinforcement

Please note, this is a GROWING BUNDLE. This means all of the behavior trackers will be added as they are completed. This growing bundle will be complete by July 30, 2023. You can re-download each week to grab a different set of themed trackers.

How to Use this Classroom Behavior Management System:

Teach students to set behavior goals, monitor behavior goals and the rewards of positive reinforcement with this classroom behavior management system.

Either individually or with your whole class, take time to SET a behavior goal. This could be a behavior students are struggling with, a behavior you want them to improve on or a new behavior you want to help students learn.

Give students a timeline for when you will check in on that goal. Set an individual or class reward for when the goal is met.

Tips For Whole Class Rewards System and Behavior Tracker:

Use the colored images to fill in your goal tracking. Display the chart on the whiteboard for the whole class to see. You can use adhesive such as glue or velcro dots to attach the images, or you can simply color in each spot on the behavior tracker as needed. Display the behavior tracker page and the goal setting page side by side so students can refer to it daily.

Tips For Individual Student Behavior Tracker and Rewards:

Use the black and white behavior trackers to fill in your goal tracking. Students can use stickers, you can write your initials, or students can simply color in each spot on the behavior tracker as needed. Print the behavior tracker page and the goal setting page back to front for easy use. Never display an individual student behavior goal sheet to the class. Instead, keep it in a folder for private use between teachers and the student.

Behavior Goals Included:

Some examples of behavior goals can be working on listening skills, organization, safe hands or safe bodies, being kind, working individually, in groups or in partners and so much more. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Write in your own goal to customize for any class or student.

Whole Class Rewards System:

A whole class rewards system can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. There are 48 class rewards included in this resource for your use. I encourage enlisting the help of parents to collect materials if needed.

Rotate through the whole class rewards system throughout the year to keep it fresh and fun.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Write in your own reward to customize for any class or student.

Keep Your Classroom Behavior Management System Festive & Fun:

Each month includes FUN festive themes. This keeps your behavior trackers festive and fun each month. You can increase or decrease the difficulty each month.

Where and When to Use the Classroom Behavior Management System:

  • Setting Whole Class Rewards System, Goals and Rewards
  • Beginning of the Year/ Back to School Activity
  • Create and Monitor Individual Student Behavior Goals
  • General Education Classrooms
  • Special Education Classrooms
  • Homeschool Environments
  • Daycare Environments
  • Before or After School Care
  • Specials Behavior Management
  • At Home for Parents with Children

Monthly Themes Included:

  • August Behavior Management System – Back to School Themed Trackers
  • September Behavior Management System – Fall Themed Trackers
  • October Behavior Management System – Halloween Themed Trackers
  • November Behavior Management System – Thanksgiving Themed Trackers
  • December Behavior Management System – Holiday or Christmas Themed Trackers
  • January Behavior Management System – Winter Themed Trackers
  • February Behavior Management System – Valentine’s Day Themed Trackers
  • March Behavior Management System – St. Patrick’s Day Themed Trackers
  • April Behavior Management System – Spring Themed Trackers
  • May Behavior Management System – Summer Themed Trackers

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