Toddler Activities – Dinosaur Crafts, Letters, Numbers in Preschool Curriculum

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Are you looking for the best dinosaur themed toddler activities? Using play based learning, students will use sensory bins, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, scissor skills, grip skills, coloring skills, dinosaur crafts and more to learn about shapes, colors, numbers 1-5, the letter D, dinosaurs and more! 

This toddler curriculum is perfect for any preschool aged toddlers. Explore the magical world of dinosaurs with students while reviewing numbers 1-5, counting to 10, learning about the letter D and so much more.

Skills Covered in the Preschool Curriculum:

  • Let’s Learn Letters – D
  • Practice Identifying and Counting Numbers 1-5, 1-10 and 1-20
  • Fine Motor Skills (cutting, glueing, stickers, pinching/grabbing & more!)
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Sensory Bin Activities
  • 6 Dinosaur Crafts
  • Songs and Dancing
  • Snacks
  • Book Ideas
  • Movie Suggestions
  • Easy Craft Ideas

Dinosaur Activities – Preschool Curriculum Skills Covered:

  • Writing numbers 1-5 (with fun dinosaur coloring pages)
  • Counting objects 1-10 (using pompoms, stickers, and sensory bin activity)
  • Matching numbers 1-10 (sensory bin activity and gross motor game)
  • Tracing and writing the letter D (with fun dinosaur coloring pages)
  • Scissor skills and coloring skills
  • Making shapes and naming shapes (with play-doh)
  • Identifying Colors (2 gross motor games, 1 sensory bin activity)
  • Matching patterns and shapes (sensory bin activities)

This toddler curriculum is ideal for:

  • in home preschools
  • preschool curriculum and enrichment
  • in home daycares
  • stay at home parents
  • weekend activities for toddlers
  • toddler enrichment ideas
  • mom groups
  • pop up toddler play
  • toddler activities at home

Who can teach this preschool curriculum?

  • homeschool parents
  • daycare teachers
  • preschool teachers
  • babysitters or nannies
  • au pairs

This toddler curriculum is ideal for ages 2.5-4

The toddler activities in this preschool curriculum are designed for toddlers ages 2.5-4 to practice colors, numbers, letters and matching using fine motor and gross motor skills. Younger toddlers can use this with assistance. Please note that toddler activities are all about exposure, not mastery. Make sure to expose them to the same activities over and over again so the preschoolers can improve each time!

How long will this toddler curriculum last?

With over 30 toddler activities included, these dinosaur activities would be great to use for ANY amount of time. Every day preschools could use this for as short as one week up to one month. Preschools that meet weekly or bi-weekly could use this curriculum from anywhere from one month to one quarter.

Suggested Materials for Dinosaur Activities:

There are many toddler activities included. Some activities require nothing, while others require common household objects. A comprehensive list of materials is included inside the toddler curriculum PDF including art supplies, suggested books, sensory bin ideas and more. Most materials should be common classroom or household items.


Please allow yourself time to prepare these toddler activities beforehand. Only a few of these are print and go, the rest are low prep but require you to gather materials needed in advanced. Most materials should be common household items.


  • For use in ONE home or classroom with any amount of children.
  • Each additional home or classroom needs to purchase an additional license, which can be done at a discount.

{Allowed: using for mom groups TOGETHER Not Allowed: one mom purchasing and sharing with multiple moms}

Please ask all questions before purchasing. Are you looking for a different book? Email me at themountainteacher@gmail.com to put in a request!


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