The Littlest Valentine Activities Valentine’s Day Read Aloud Comprehension




The Littlest Valentine is a Valentine’s Day read aloud favorite! These Valentine’s Day reading activities, crafts, reading responses, writing prompts and worksheets for The Littlest Valentine are perfect for Valentine’s Day! These Valentine’s Day read aloud activities are differentiated for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students.

Please note, you will need a copy of the book The Littlest Valentine in order to use this resource.

There are 7 reading response activities for The Littlest Valentine:

  • Making Predictions

  • Answering Questions

  • Story Elements (Character, Setting, Problem, Solution)

  • Making Connections (text to text, text to self, text to world)

  • Character Changes

  • Compare/Contrast

  • Favorite Part

As well as 2 reading crafts for The Littlest Valentine:

  • Story Element Flip Book

  • First, Then, Next, Last Flip Book (3 versions included)

There are 4 writing prompts and crafts to accompany The Littlest Valentine:

  • Narrative

  • Informative

  • Opinion

  • How To

There are also 5 other fun word work and writing activities based on words in The Littlest Valentine included:

  • Unscramble Words

  • Word Search

  • Decoding Words

  • Make a Word

  • Directed Draw & Write

Answer keys are included for all applicable pages. Pages in which many answers could apply do not have answer keys.

The reading and writing pages are differentiated to include:

  • Traceable sentence stems

  • Fill in the blank sentence stems

  • Long answer blank replies

These activities are PERFECT for whole group reading, reading centers, holidays, substitutes, student teachers, parent read alouds, morning work, independent work, small group reading and more.

Stretch these out for a week, or use all of the activities to fill a slow morning. With so many options and differentiated versions, the possibilities are endless.

Please ask all questions before purchasing. Are you looking for a different book? Email me at themountainteacher@gmail.com to put in a request!


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