Thanksgiving Activity – Simile and Onomatopoeia Descriptive Writing & Craft



Looking for a fun way to teach descriptive writing using onomatopoeia and similes with a Thanksgiving writing prompt twist? These fun turkey crafts make a GREAT Thanksgiving bulletin board, and are a great way to get students’ pencils moving.

Ideas for Using the Simile and Onomatopoeia Thanksgiving Craft:

Students generate lists of adjectives to describe Thanksgiving dinner with their families, turn the adjectives into similes to describe how their dinner tastes, smells, feels, sounds and what it looks like. They then use the lists to create similes about their dinner, which is then turned into a flip-book like craft for you to either hang up in the hallway or send home. Finally, students will add onomatopoeia words to the end of each simile. Use this as the perfect Thanksgiving bulletin board or to send home as a Thanksgiving gift for parents.

What’s Inside the Simile and Onomatopoeia Thanksgiving Writing Prompt:

  • Teaching Guide
  • Photo Examples
  • 2 Descriptive Language Anchor Charts: Onomatopoeia + Similes
  • Student Planning Page (picture)
  • Student Planning Page (writing)
  • Pieces for Turkey Crafts

Timeline for the Simile and Onomatopoeia Thanksgiving Craft:

This Thanksgiving descriptive writing lesson can be taught in one day or stretched out throughout five days. The turkey crafts and Thanksgiving writing prompt double as the perfect Thanksgiving bulletin board.

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