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Place Value Task Cards | Worksheet Alternative Activities



8 sets of place value task cards, perfect for a place value unit supplement. There are 26 task cards in each set, along with 1 recording sheet that can be used with every set. These are great for early finishers, scoots, reviews and independent work. They are designed for second or third graders, but can also be used for advanced first graders.

The task card sets include:

– Counting Base Ten Manipulatives

– Building Base Ten Representations

– Finding the Value in Each Place

– Expanded Form

– 1, 10 and 100 more/less than a number

– Comparing Numbers

– Building the Largest and Smallest Number

– Mystery Numbers

If you are interested in more place value products, check out my place value unit and my interactive place value centers below!

Place Value Unit

Place Value Centers



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