National Dog Day Craft, Reading Comprehension Activities, Writing and Webquest



Looking for a no prep National Dog Day reading comprehension activity for your class? Turn this reading comprehension webquest into a writing craft and bulletin board for the ultimate National Dog Day lesson. (Recommended for 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade.)

What is a National Dog Day Reading Comprehension Webquest?

Students will go on a webquest (visit a kid-friendly, informational website) to learn about National Dog Day.

Students will then use different reading comprehension graphic organizers to answer questions about the National Dog Day and how it is celebrated.

Students will fill out a KWL (know, what to know, what I learned) chart, answer 5 W (who, what, where, when, why) questions about the text, write about the main idea and key details, practice using new vocabulary, and then write a summary about what they have learned.

Reading Comprehension – Summary Writing – Bulletin Board

Conclude the project by allowing students to write a summary about what they have learned about the National Dog Day using the key vocabulary you worked on.

Writing about what they are reading is an excellent way for students to show their reading comprehension and overall understanding of a topic.

What’s Inside

  • Link to Webquest passage
  • Link to 10 Page Google Slide Activity
  • Teacher Guide (one week or one day included, great for sub plans!)
  • Vocabulary Anchor Chart (National Dog Day Vocabulary – advocate, adoption, obedient)
  • Answering Questions Page (includes 10 questions)
  • Main Idea and Key Detail Graphic Organizer
  • Vocabulary Activity
  • Summarizing Writing Craft and Activity
  • 7 Bulletin Board Options
  • Answer Keys
  • Easel Activity

2 NO PREP Webquest Formats Included

  • PRINTABLE – Print out the 5 activities in black and white. Allow students to read the Webquest passage either as a print out (the teacher will need to print from the website) or have students use a device to do the Webquest.
  • GOOGLE SLIDES TM – Students will get access to a 10 page Google Slides presentation with all 5 activities and a link to the Webquest passage in one place. Text boxes are already ready for students to type and go.

What is a Webquest?

A Webquest is when a student uses knowledge learned from articles or websites to practice reading comprehension. Students will use kid-friendly websites to gain knowledge on a topic. Links to all websites required are included in this resource. If students are not able to access them, teachers can print the information instead.

When to Use the National Dog Day Reading Comprehension Activities

These National Dog Day WebQuest Reading Comprehension Activities can be used during writing, reading or social studies. They are designed for students in second, third and fourth grade.

Please open the preview file for a more in depth look at what is included and ask any questions before purchasing.

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