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Math Challenges for 2nd or 3rd Grade | 40 Problems of the Week



Looking for a fun way to add rigor and critical thinking to your math block? These 40 2nd and 3rd grade math challenges are a great way to get students thinking critically about math. Use these 40 problems as a “problem of the week” for an easy center, early finisher activity or to help with enrichment during your math block.

What’s Inside the Math Challenges for 2nd or 3rd Grade:

There are 40 challenge problems appropriate for 2nd or 3rd grade students. The challenge problems range across topics including money, word problems, 2 and 3 digit addition, basic multiplication and division (can be done without actually having learned multiplication and division) and more. They all require students to think critically and have different entry points and ways to solve them.

What Formats are Included for the Math Challenges for 2nd or 3rd Grade

The 40 problem of the week math challenges are included in MANY formats.

  • 40 Printable or Projectable Posters
  • 40 Page Projectable Google Slides Template
  • 40 Page Printable Workbook or Worksheets
  • 40 Page Google Workbook
  • 4 to a Page Mini Math Journal Prompts

The answer key is also included.

When to Use the Math Challenges for 2nd or 3rd Grade

  • Early Finishers
  • Math Enrichment
  • Centers
  • Small Groups (enrichment)
  • Math Choice Board
  • Bell Work
  • Small Group Work
  • Independent Activity
  • With a Volunteer or Teaching Aid
  • Homeschool Environments
  • Enrichment Homework
  • Flex Time
  • WIN Time

Please open the preview file and video for a closer look before purchasing.


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