Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets | 2nd or 3rd Grade Telling Time Activities



Need the perfect, ready-to-go elapsed time word problems activities? Grab these elapsed time word problems activities for 2nd or 3rd grade students, including: looking at start and stop times to determine elapsed time lesson plan, warm up, turn & talk, instructional video, anchor charts, learning target, and practice worksheet.

This includes ONE telling time activity that is a part of a bigger Telling Time to 5 Minutes Unit Bundle!

Elapsed Time Word Problems: Skills Covered:

  • Students will look at different clocks and determine what time they are showing
  • Students will use number lines or other strategies to determine what time it is once some time has passed (1 hour later, 2 hours later, 1 and a half hours later, etc.)
  • Students will read word problems and determine what time something begins and ends (elapsed time)

Formats Included:

  • Printable (color & black and white)
  • Google Slides
  • TpT Easel

What’s Inside the Elapsed Time Word Problems Activities

  • Lesson Plan
  • Learning Target
  • Anchor Chart
  • Instructional Video (covers the anchor charts, warm up and turn and talk)
  • Warm Up Activity
  • Turn & Talk Activity
  • Double Sided Worksheet
  • Answer Key
  • Link to Google Slides

How Long Will the Elapsed Time Word Problems Activities Take?

These elapsed time word problems activities are designed to fill one lesson period. They will take anywhere from 25-90 minutes.

What standards are covered in the Elapsed Time Word Problems Activities?

  • 2.MD.C.7: Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m.
  • 3.MD.A.1: Tell and write time to the nearest minute and measure time intervals in minutes. Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes.

When to Use the Telling Time Activities:

  • Math Block – Whole Group or Small Group
  • Homeschool Environment
  • Guest Teachers
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Student Teachers
  • Centers
  • Enrichment
  • Remediation
  • Special Education Environments

Need more telling time lessons?

This lesson is part of a bigger unit – Telling Time to 5 Minutes Unit Bundle – which includes 15 days worth of lessons, assessments and more.

Get your plan time back and grab an entire year of math lessons!


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