Beekle Imaginary Friend Narrative Writing Prompt and Activity




Looking to ADD LIFE to your personal narrative writing prompts? Students will LOVE this Beekle themed imaginative narrative activity. Differentiated graphic organizers make this imaginative narrative project accessible for ALL students. Get students to practice writing with a problem and solution or about four sequential events.

What is the Imaginary Friend Narrative Writing Prompt?

Students will write an imaginative narrative about their day with an imaginary friend. This is common core aligned, and pairs great with the book Beekle by Dan Santat. However, owning this book is by no means necessary for using this resource.

Teaching Tips for the Imaginary Friend Narrative Writing Prompt:

After reading Beekle (optional), students will brainstorm, draft, plan, edit and publish a writing piece about 4 different events that occurred during their story with their imaginary friend. Students can write using a problem and solution, or just write about 4 sequential events. Afterwards, students will complete a simple monster craft to add a pop of color and fun to their writing. Turn it into a bulletin board, use it as a talking point for conferences, add it to a writing portfolio, or send this fun writing home for students when you’re done.

What’s Inside the Imaginary Friend Narrative Writing Prompt

  • Teaching Guide
  • 2 Student Planning Templates
  • 3 Differentiated Student Drafting Templates
  • 6 Differentiated Student Publishing Templates (for primary to intermediate)
  • Monster Craft Page (makes a cute monster bulletin board)
  • 4 Differentiated Writing Rubrics (for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade & 3rd grade)

Please open the preview file before purchasing.

Timeline for the Imaginative Friend Narrative Writing Prompt

Teach students to write engaging narratives about their imaginary friend with a problem and solution using these fun lessons. This lesson can be taught in one day or stretched out throughout five days. This lesson includes two versions, perfect for all K-5 students.

This fun monster craft doubles as an adorable monster bulletin board as well.

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