How to Celebrate President’s Day with this Patriotic Research Project

Presidents Day Research Project for Students

Are you looking for a meaningful activity to do with your students surrounding president’s day? I love having my students research different presidents and turn their research into informative reports. This can be scaffolded to be done as low as kinder or first grade (using sentence stems and modeling) or can be successfully researched and […]

An Easy Inauguration Day Lesson You Need to Check Out

Inauguration Day Activities for Elementary Aged Students

Are you looking for a way to acknowledge such a monumental moment in our nation’s history while still keeping an academic focus? I love to tie in current events to our writing block, and what better way to do that than by researching the new (or re-elected) president! Snag the resource featured below here. As […]

How to Make an Animal Habitat Project in Elementary School

Animal Habitat Report for Second Grade Students

Are you looking for an exciting way to combine reading, writing, science and technology skills? This exciting project is the perfect combo and is easy for your primary students to navigate on their own. Background: To start, I like to get students excited about the project by reading different animal books to the class or […]

The Ultimate Life Science Unit for 2nd Grade

Life Science Unit

Stuck on how to link together all of your life science topics in a way that is engaging to students and is NOT simply talking at them? We spend about three to four weeks researching, taking notes and doing STEM activities on life science, and the kiddos absolutely love it. Weeks 1-2: How do habitats […]

The Lively Geography Project Elementary Students are SURE to Love

Welcome to Landform Island! Do you teach landforms to your second or third grade students? It can be a dry subject to teach, but you can also spruce it up and make it really fun. Let me welcome you to LANDFORM ISLAND! Your students will love this idea and it will be extremely easy for […]