Ideas for Teaching Chinese New Year Activities to Elementary Students

Doing Chinese New Year activities can be a fun and exciting way to explore a different culture and get students engaged in the classroom. One of my favorite ways to

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How to Teach 2nd Grade Social Studies Lesson Plan For Communities

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that finding engaging lesson plans to teach students the difference between urban and suburban living to students while teaching 1st or

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Solar System Read Alouds

Get students engaged in learning about the solar system with these exciting books around planets, constellations, the moon, the sun, Pluto, astronauts and other fun space related topics with these

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Stars and Constellations

Are you looking for a fun way to teach about our amazing stars and constellations in 2nd or 3rd grade? I love combining mythology and stars to learn about constellations.

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Solar System for 2nd or 3rd Grade Cover02

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your students about the individual planets, dwarf planets, comets and more? Teaching about planets and the solar system in 2nd grade

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Habitat Research Report for Primary Students Blog Post by The Mountain Teacher 202

One HUGE 2nd grade standard is researching and learning about animals and their adaptations. Students LOVE this unit, but teachers can be intimidated by the overwhelming pressure involved in guiding

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