Everything You Need to Teach 2nd Grade Word Problems

You might be relieved to hear that teaching addition and subtraction within word problems is a BREEZE after having taught Addition and Subtraction to 1000. Students typically get it right away, and as long as they have a solid foundation of adding and subtracting numbers, they usually enjoy this unit. Happy students=happy teacher, am I […]

Everything You Need to Know to Teach Addition and Subtraction to 1000

Teaching students to add and subtract up to 1000 is no easy feat. This is by far one of the hardest units that I teach in second grade, but is vital to their foundational skills going forward. With that being said, I always teach this unit right after teaching place value. That way, when/if students […]

Everything You Need to Know to Teach Place Value

Place value is always the very first unit that I teach, as it is the foundation of mathematics. Students cannot work with numbers unless they understand the rationale and meaning of a number. We hit the ground running on day one, and as long as students have had a foundational understanding of numbers in first […]

Gingerbread Math Workshop: The Most Wonderful Project of the Year

Gingerbread Math Project Are you looking for a way to set the stage and engage your learners in math during the fun month of December? (or during any month you happen to be teaching fairy tales – this is NOT Christmas specific). Look no further, the gingerbread math workshop project is here! Students will take […]

Challenge Math for Second Graders

Are you looking for a way to push your higher thinkers or to push all of your students into higher level thinking? Look no further than implementing challenge problems into your classroom. This is a great way to see who can rise to the challenge and to push students that are ready into truly analyzing […]

Practical Ways to Teach Addition and Subtraction to 1000

If you teach second grade, then you know that one of the most dreaded math standards out there is CCSS 2 NBT B 7…. adding and subtracting up to 1000 using concrete models or strategies based on place value. While there are many ways to attack this standard, I have found much success teaching this […]