This is How to Teach Multiplication in 2nd Grade

Teaching Multiplication in 2nd Grade

Get ready, get set, get your kiddos multiplying! The kids LOVE learning how to multiply. They feel so big and special during this unit, and most kids find so much success as well. This makes multiplication such a fun unit to teach. However, it is important not to teach this unit too soon. I save teaching multiplication in 2nd grade for the spring, as it is WAY more important that students solidly understand addition and subtraction and are able to do it fluently BEFORE learning to multiply.

Arrays and multiplication warm up for second grade students

Daily Warm Up

Each day we do a 4 problem warm up. I let students roll dice to determine the numbers we are multiplying. Then, I have them show their work in multiple ways. We practice using an array, repeated addition and standard form. Students LOVE this warm up, typically fly through it, and then I allow them to show their work with manipulatives or use dice to roll and solve more problems.

Arrays and multiplication scope and sequence for second grade students


Week One – Using Various Models to Multiply (repeated addition, array, number line, etc.)

Week Two – Story Problems

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in multiplication is students mixing up addition and multiplication. It is important to mix the problems, both standardly written and word problems, so students really understand the difference between multiplication and addition, and when to use each one.

multiplication scope and sequence - arrays, repeated addition, story problems worksheets
2nd grade multiplication centers

Center Ideas & Games

Rolling and multiplying is an all time favorite.

Students also love traditional centers, including matching games, I Have Who Has and BUMP Games.

Anchor Charts

I use one anchor chart to gather all of the different ways to multiply in one space. I let students pick what strategy works the best for them, but we all practice each strategy at least once to “test it out.”

best manipulatives to teach multiplication


There are a lot of manipulatives that can be helpful for learning multiplication and arrays. Some top favorites have been:

• Geoboards
• Counting Bears
• Colored Tiles
• Dice (to roll and multiply)
• Bubble Poppers

Resources & Freebies

What questions or struggles do you have with teaching multiplication in 2nd grade? Drop them in the comments below!

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