The Great Pencil Challenge: Solve Your Staggering Pencil Problems

The Great Pencil Challenge: Solve All Your Staggering Pencil Problems

Looking for a way to keep your classrooms’ pencils in check? Tired of sharpening pencils or listening to the pencil sharpener all day? The Great Pencil Challenge is the solution for you! The great pencil challenge is easy. Follow these 5 steps below to implement it in your classroom! 1. Gather your pencils Get enough […]

Star Student of the Week: Celebrate with a Spotlight

Star Student of the Week

Build Your Classroom Community with a Star Student Do you constantly have students asking you “when is show and tell?” or raising their hands and wanting to share EVERYTHING about their family, vacations, weekends and life with you? Those are two of the big reasons we became teachers, right? It’s all about the little ones […]

How to Implement Partially Flexible Seating

Implementing Partially Flexible Seating

Flexible seating is a top teaching trend at the moment. At first, I was super nervous about implementing this. I thought it would be hard to manage and that flexible seating would make my classroom cluttered, disorganized and poorly managed. HOWEVER, I think I was just nervous about giving up control of my classroom and […]

How to Make Class DOJO Manageable

Implementing Class DOJO in an Elementary Classroom

When I first started using Class DOJO, it was quite the fiasco. I felt like I constantly had to run around with my iPad hitting buttons, or that I was telling students that they were earning red or green bubbles and trying to keep track of that in my head. My school does not have […]