How to Boost Engagement by Making a Magazine

Compiling all of the Writing Genres in a Fun, Engaging Way Are you looking for a fun way to review or introduce all of the various writing genres you’ll teach or have taught throughout the year? Look no more! This magazine is a fun, exciting way to get your students amped up about their writing. […]

How to Manage The End of Year Chaos

The End of Year is HERE How to Manage the Chaos & Have Fun at the Same Time! I don’t know about you, but our end of the school year post-testing is FILLED with assemblies, activities, field trips and parties galore. The students are antsy, and so am I, as we slowly tick days off […]

A Revolutionary Way to Review for Standardized Tests

Mathlympics & Litlympics! An Exciting Way to Review for Standardized Tests Looking for a fun way to review for standardized tests? This idea can spread across all grades and subject areas, but I will explain explicitly how to do this with second graders. This strategy is FUN, exciting and my kiddos were BEGGING me for […]

Secrets for Tired Teachers to Survive the May Nightmare

Tips, Tricks & Survival Guide for Making It Through May If you are reading this post then CONGRATULATIONS! It means you have made it through the majority of the year, and you are likely staring down the last full month of school in the eyes. This is an exciting and a scary feeling, as your […]