The Best Back to School Read Alouds You’ve Ever Seen

& Other Fun Activities Back to school is SUCH a fun time! And such a critical time to set the scene for the year. Here are some great character building texts that you should add to your classroom library and use to foster some great character education conversations! The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill and […]

April Read Alouds that You Need to Know About

How to Catch the Easter Bunny These books will forever be one of my favorite series! This is a cute tale on attempts to catch the Easter Bunny that all do not work. Students also can enjoy hunting down the bunnies and all the hidden eggs while they are reading. Students can extend this activity […]

Spectacular Winter Read Alouds that Your Classroom Needs

Favorite January Read Alouds For Elementary Classrooms I LOVEEE January because that is when I break out ALL things winter! I let December be all things holiday, so that January can bring all things snow. Here are my top 5 favorite winter read alouds, along with some other cute January stories. 1. Sneezy the Snowman: […]