Spectacular Winter Read Alouds that Your Classroom Needs


Favorite January Read Alouds

For Elementary Classrooms

I LOVEEE January because that is when I break out ALL things winter! I let December be all things holiday, so that January can bring all things snow. Here are my top 5 favorite winter read alouds, along with some other cute January stories.
1. Sneezy the Snowman: This tale might remind you of a certain Disney character, a snowman that is so cold and just wants to warm up.. but struggles to do so without melting! This story repeats and rhymes and is a fun read aloud for any primary classroom!

2. Snowmen at Night/Snowmen at Work: I love this series! This book is a great sequel to snowmen at night and is a great way to talk about different community members and how we all work together to make one great society!

3. Flip & Flop: This cute tale about two brother penguins teaches students that while they might have differences with their siblings, there are still many things that bring them together. It is a cute story with fantastic illustrations and a good message.
4. A Loud Winter’s Nap: This cute story is about a turtle that just wants to hibernate through the winter… until he comes upon some misfortune and discovers just how much he might like winter! This story is cute with nice illustrations and a funny undertone about a very interrupted nap.

5. Penguin & The Pinecone: This is a really cute and really simple story about a penguin that finds a pinecone in the snow and falls in love. He is quickly informed that pinecones cannot live in the snow and has to send his pinecone friend away. However, he happily discovers that pinecones can thrive elsewhere! It is great to teach the lesson of “if you love something, let it go” and the importance of everyone getting the specific things that they need to be successful.

Here is my classroom’s January collection of featured books. I try to read as many aloud as I possibly can each month. There are so many other favorites below!!

In case you are looking for a craft to go with your snowmen/January stories, my class loves to make these cute snowmen each year. This craft lends itself perfectly to any story and any grade level, as students are simply using sentences or pictures to retell a story they have read.


I hope that you found what you needed in this blog post! If you liked it or have questions, please comment below. Follow my blog for more ideas for your elementary classroom!

Emily - The Mountain Teacher

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