An Open Letter to the First Year Teacher

Dear First Year Teachers, I am so happy YOU stumbled upon my blogpost and hope you stick with me throughout the post because I think that this message is very important for you to hear. With Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook absolutely exploding right now with perfect classrooms that have every flexible seating option and beautiful […]

The BEST Target Dollar Spot Finds for Your Budget

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC summer. If you are anything like me, you spent all of June telling yourself summer would last forever, and all of July eyeing everything at the Target Dollar Spot, wondering just HOW much money is too much money to spend there… Well, my classroom is receiving […]

The Best Back to School Read Alouds You’ve Ever Seen

& Other Fun Activities Back to school is SUCH a fun time! And such a critical time to set the scene for the year. Here are some great character building texts that you should add to your classroom library and use to foster some great character education conversations! The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill and […]

Tips For Managing Community Supplies: Make them Last a Lifetime

  Do your students go through school supplies like no other class you have ever seen before? Do they lose, take improper care of, or seem to be eating all of your classroom supplies? Do you constantly wonder where all the supplies could possibly be going?! I know that I constantly am feeling that way […]

How to Set a Up a Self Assessing Classroom

Tips for a Self-Assessing Primary Classroom When I first started teaching, I was always really hesitant and nervous about students grading their own work. First of all, I was worried that they would be dishonest and I would end up with inaccurate data on my students. Second, I was worried about my lower kids feeling […]

How to Make Class DOJO Manageable

Implementing Class DOJO in an Elementary Classroom

When I first started using Class DOJO, it was quite the fiasco. I felt like I constantly had to run around with my iPad hitting buttons, or that I was telling students that they were earning red or green bubbles and trying to keep track of that in my head. My school does not have […]