An Easy Winter Recipe Writing Template for Kids


Whether you are a busy mom looking for a fun at home winter recipe writing template to use with your kids, or a teacher looking to add a little fun to your writing block this winter, making polar donuts is absolutely the solution for you! You can grab my fun winter writing recipe template that has everything you need, or just read on for how to make your own!

Who Can Make Polar Donuts?

Polar Donuts or Polar Bear Donuts are SO easy that really children of any age will be able to make them.

This is a no bake recipe, so it is a perfect snack to make at school, at a party or with young children who are not ready to bake or manipulate hot ingredients.

This easy winter snack can be made at school or at home.

If you are making them at school, consider using them as a Fun Friday reward, for the end of an arctic animal unit, on a short week, or on a snowy day!

At home, these are perfect for a snowy day, a winter themed party, or a fun sleepover snack to make when the kiddos wake up the next morning.

Polar Donuts Material List

Whether you are a parent making these at home, or a teacher making them with a group of students, the ingredients for this easy winter snack are fairly cheap.

For each donut, you will need:

  • 1 powdered donut – the small versions are best
  • 2 candy eyes
  • 2 cheerios
  • 1 chocolate chip
  • Vanilla frosting – a squeeze tube is much easier than a tub of frosting for this recipe

If you are a teacher, consider sending a letter home to parents asking for the supplies needed to make the donuts.

If you are a parent, these are items you probably have around the home already (besides the powdered donuts!), making this the perfect and easy winter recipe writing template to use with your kids.

An Easy Winter Recipe Writing Template for Kids Classroom Ideas for Winter Snack Ingredients

Adding a Fun Winter Recipe Writing Template

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you might want to bring a little meaning or academics to this recipe.

Have students practice writing their recipe out step by step so that they can make these polar donuts again.

If your kids are young, use a template where they just need to trace important words from the recipe in order to follow their steps.

For older kids, have them write out their recipe step by step and see if they can successfully make their polar bear donut by ONLY following the steps they have listed.

Polar Bear Craft

When students finish writing their recipes, let them make a fun polar bear craft to go with it!

What kids don’t love to color, cut and glue things?

To make the polar bear craft show in this post, students will first write their recipe.

When they have finished writing their recipe, they will color in the polar bear craft page.

After coloring, they cut the polar bear out. Then, they will cut the polar bear in half.

They will fold the recipe like an accordion and then glue the recipe into the middle of the polar bear craft.

The polar bear will then open up in the middle to reveal the recipe kids have made!

This is so fun that students will want to do this again and again!

An Easy Winter Recipe Writing Template for Kids Classroom Ideas for Winter Snack and Polar bear Craft

How to Use the Winter Recipe Writing Template at School

An Easy Winter Recipe Writing Template for Kids Classroom Ideas for Winter Snack

At school, I would spend the first day or chunk of time modeling how to make the donuts for students.

As you are modeling, have the class pause and make an anchor chart with step-by-step directions on how to make the donuts. Make sure they are watching closely so they are getting down every step that you are doing to make the donuts.

Then, give students time to draft their steps. You can help them edit these drafts before they are ready to publish.

Let them publish on the winter recipe writing template included, then have them make their polar bear crafts.

For younger students, you can skip the draft and editing. As a class, make the step by step list and then skip right to the primary version of the winter recipe writing template that has dotted lines and words for students to trace, with space to add pictures.

How to Make Polar Donuts

Polar donuts can be made in four easy steps!

  1. Fill the middle of the donut hole with vanilla frosting
  2. Put the chocolate chip in the center of the frosting
  3. Use a little bit of the frosting on the back of candy eyes to attach them to the top of the donut
  4. Carefully stick 2 cheerios into the top of the donut to make ears

Kids of ALL ages will love this recipe and are sure to be begging for more.

Winter Recipe Writing Template Materials

Whether you are a neighborhood mom hosting a cooking club, or a teacher looking for some fun plans at school, you can grab EVERYTHING you need and more in this polar donut recipe writing pack:

How to Make Polar Donuts Winter Recipe Writing Template for Classrooms, Homeschool or At Home

This winter recipe writing template is included in my YEAR LONG recipe bundle for kids! Grab 10 months of adorable and easy snacks to make with your kiddos.

Year of Recipe Writing Templates for Classrooms, Homeschool or At Home

What easy winter snack recipes are your favorite for kids? Drop them in the comments below!

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