7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts

Want to warm up your classroom this winter with some fresh winter writing prompts?

Pull in the fun topics of snow, snowmen, snowflakes, winter games, arctic animals and more with these 7 fun writing prompts, crafts and activities.

Grab 4 writing lessons covering every genre now, or explore even more amazing topics below!

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | my favorite winter activity opinion and persuasive writing activity

My Favorite Winter Activity (opinion)

Want to tie in winter games or winter activities into your writing lessons this snowy season?

Have students pick their favorite winter activity and come up with persuasive reasons why that winter sport is their favorite.

Students can choose from a variety of fun snowy activities and then choose a fun craft to top off their project.

Turn it into a fun bulletin board or add it to a writing portfolio.

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | when I met a yeti imaginative narrative writing project for winter

When I Met a Yeti (narrative)

What is more fun than a yeti?

Meeting a yeti!

Read aloud The Thing About Yetis and then allow students to use their imaginations to come up with a story about them meeting a yeti.

Would they be scared? Thrilled? Brave? Let them decide!

Top this off with a fun peeking craft and voila.. your students writing is easily transformed!

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | how to catch a yeti procedural writing flip book and craft

How to Catch a Yeti (procedural)

Speaking of yetis.. get your students’ creative juices flowing with a how to project on how to catch a yeti.

Pair this with the amazing book, How to Catch a Yeti.

As a class, brainstorm ideas for how to catch a yeti. There are a lot of ideas in the book, as well as great ideas that your students will come up with.

Give students time to work on their graphic organizers to plan their writing, then let them publish on a fun flip book.

This project and craft makes a GREAT winter writing activity. It is also available in a digital format with all teaching videos included.

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | all about penguins informative writing and research project

All About Penguins (informative)

Looking for a fun informative writing prompt this winter?

Guide students through a research project to learn facts about penguins.

Students will take notes on graphic organizers about penguin habitats, appearance, food and more.

They will then transform their notes into writing pieces.

Top it with a fun craft for another great bulletin board or piece of writing to add to your students’ writing portfolios.

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | how to catch a snowman procedural writing flip book and craft

How to Catch a Snowman (procedural)

Looking for a fun project on a snowy day?

Allow students to read the book How to Catch a Snowman and then come up with how THEY would catch a snowman that came to life.

This fun project and craft is PERFECT for a cold winter day.

It is also available as a digital writing project, perfect to assign for distance learning on a snow day!

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | my snowy day digital writing project for google slides

My Snowy Day (digital narrative writing)

Do your students love the book The Snowy Day?

Have students write about what they would do on their own snowy day with this fun DIGITAL writing project.

Since all of the instructional videos are included already, this makes a great independent activity.

It is perfect for a snow day, a substitute or an independent writing center.

7 Student Approved Winter Writing Prompts | january writing journal digital and printable pdf

January Writing Journal

Want to spruce up your writing routine and practice building writing fluency?

Daily writing journals are a great way to accomplish both of those tasks.

This January Writing Journal is a great way to have students practice responding to a prompt.

It covers all the genres included narrative, opinion and informative writing.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite winter writing prompts or activities in your classroom?

Drop your ideas in the comments below for us to check out!

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